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10 Ways To Decide The Floor To Choose While Buying An Apartment

It is not an uncommon sight these days to spot a high rise such as The Medallion Mohali to be a part of various Indian cities. And the trend is now not only restricted to the metros and even the smaller cities are getting used to the same. More people are looking to get a house or buy a property in the same high rises since they have many reasons to convince them to do so. You are at the right place if you are planning for buying an apartment in a well-equipped high rise building, but before making the final call, make sure you consider the below-mentioned points:

1. Concerns Regarding Safety And Privacy 

It is seen that the lower floors aren’t the must-haves for the new buyers who are more inclined towards their safety compared to the higher-level ones. The reason is that the lower floors are easily accessed and if you want to go with the lower floor then make sure all the security arrangements are on point with your house and the complete complex.

2. Fire Safety 

However, the tacking point for number 1 comes here with the fire issues since the higher levels might cause a problem in this case. In this case, you should look to check the apartment’s fitness for occupancy with the occupancy certificate (OC) provided by the local authorities. The certificate will provide you with the basic knowledge regarding the construction and permissible plans and whether they are adhering to all the local laws put forward by the municipal corporation of the area. You can simply ask for a copy of OC while buying the apartment which will be obtained by the builder once they get the required clearance from the fire department.

3. The Number Of Staircases And Lifts 

In an ideal situation, each high rise should contain 2 to 3 lifts minimum so that the flexibility in the movement can be maintained along with providing a backup solution in case there is one lift down due to some malfunction. It might be some low-key idea but gets more importance once the elders and children your family has to go to and fro. Apart from this, staircase use is also important once the lifts are down.

4. Deviations Of The Floor 

It has been seen that on the top floors of the building there are illegal deviations seen from construction plans. If you are looking to get a top-floor flat to make sure the deviations are within the permissible limits. You should also look to the floor and get a property that has all the required clearances.

5. Points Of Vantage 

If you are inclined towards having a scenic view from your apartment then make sure to get your hands on the higher floor since it allows you the best vantage points. It is even more desirable if the apartment is located near a natural spot, sea, or some cold scenic area that makes the view from the apartment a considerable factor. However, you might have to pay extra money to get your hands on a higher house in such apartments as Medallion Mohali prices vary as per that.

6. Connectivity And Network 

High-rise apartments have as many as 40 floors during the construction which is a common sight anywhere. In some cities, the high rise has gone to be even higher with an average of 25 floors. So make sure if you are choosing a high floor in any such apartment, you have proper network coverage, in all the rooms and corners.

7. Power Consumption 

If you are choosing a lower floor then you might have lower power consumption compared to the higher ones since they will be hotter during the summer period. This becomes an important factor if you are into the cost-efficient approach for better savings.

8. Ventilation And Natural Light 

You would have advantages if you are on a higher floor since the view will be mind-blowing, you get better light and ventilation and the noise level would be much less compared to ground and lower floors. Apart from this, you won’t face the problems of rodents and mosquitoes.

9. Better Returns 

If you are buying an apartment with a vision of investment then the ideal choice would be to go for ground or lower floors as they provide better rental returns. But the climate has its role to play since upper floors are the preferences in Mumbai and Bangalore whereas a person would fetch the lower ones in Delhi or Chennai.

10. Other Necessities 

Before finalizing the flat purchase, check for small things such as CCTV installation, corridor space for free movement. Corridor space is the only space you get outside your house hence you must have enough corridor size since it differs in various housing complexes.


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