14 Best Eid Gift Ideas to Bring Joy to All Your Loved Ones

eid gifts

Eid-ur-fitar is just around the corner, and Muslims worldwide, including in UAE, celebrate this day. It includes several traditions like giving eid gifts to loved ones, sending Eid Mubarak messages and cards, etc. So today, we have compiled a list of the best eid gifts from all around the world to help you choose the best gift for all your loved ones.

Best Eid Gift ideas 2022

Here are the 14 best eid gift ideas:

1- Eid Flowers:

Flowers are one of the popular eid gifts around the world. You can buy flowers in sizes like single and double bouquets. They are available in different colors and fragrances to choose the gift color and fragrance according to your wish. 

You can gift pink peonies, roses, lilies, or any other flower. Just search for ‘Flower shop near me and buy fresh flowers for your loved ones this eid.

2- Eid Cards:

These cards are usually sent to family, friends, and relatives and contain wishes for a blessed Eid. You can create your unique eid card or choose from a variety of eid card templates available online. You can also send an eid greeting via email or text messages.

3- Prayer Matt and Quran:

Prayer mats are a good gift for your loved ones to make their prayers special on eid. You can choose from different types of designs and colors available. 

You can also search online or visit any Islamic bookstore to find the best Quran cover designs.

4- Islamic Jewelry:

The holy month of Ramadan is a good time to gift someone a religious significance. Islamic jewelry is a great gift to give, as it can be worn daily and even while praying. This can be gifted to loved ones who have found solace in their spirituality.

5- Arabic Calligraphy:

Gifting Arabic calligraphy to loved ones during the holy month of Ramadan or on eid is perfect for those who wish to learn the language. 

For non-Arabic speakers, gifting a Quran is a spiritual gift. To buy Arabic calligraphy, you can visit any Islamic bookstore or check online for the best prices.

6- Eid Delivery Gifts:

Online shopping has taken over the world by storm, and many online stores are offering special eid offers. 

You can order various eid delivery gifts like flowers, cakes, chocolates, and even teddy bears for your loved ones. You can order an eid delivery gift online, and it will be delivered simultaneously on eid.

7- EID Gifts for Kids:

If you are looking for gifts for kids, you should get them something fun and interesting to do during their Eid holidays. You can purchase fun activities and games for kids like paint sets, coloring books, etc. 

You can search online or visit the nearest toy store to buy eid gifts for kids this Eid. You can also check out various offers available online in UAE during the eid sale season.

8- Eid Clothes:

You could gift clothes of your favorite color as an eid gift to loved ones. You can choose from hijabs, abayas, long tunics, and dresses for women. 

For men, you can choose from different types of clothing like pajamas, shirts, pants, jackets, and abayas. You can search for online eid sales to get the best deals.

9- Prayer Beads:

Muslims wear prayer beads during their daily prayers. You can choose to gift someone prayers beads adapted in their favorite color and design. 

You could also gift prayer beads online or visit an Islamic bookstore to see the various designs and patterns available.

10- Personalized Arabic Name Necklace:

Personalized jewelry is a great eid gift, and you can personalize the name pendant with your loved ones’ first name in Arabic. 

This would make a good eid gift for a friend, family member, or beloved one. You can buy this online or visit any Islamic jewelry store to get it customized and personalized.

11- Eid Grooming Gift Sets:

If you are looking for a good eid gift to give someone special, something like an eid grooming set would be the best choice. 

These sets usually contain shampoos, soaps, and other products used for grooming. You can try eid offers online and buy a special set delivered to your loved ones on Eid.

12- Eid Mubarak Wish Bracelet:

You can also choose to give someone special an eid wish bracelet. These bracelets usually contain beads with images of various things like love, friendship, flowers, and quotes. 

You can add a meaningful quote or message with your Eid Mubarak wishes on the beads of the bracelet.

13- Islamic Literature:

Gifting someone something inspirational is a great idea during the holy month of Ramadan or on eid. If you are looking for something extra special, you can gift a book about Islamic literature or Quran to your family members and friends. You can purchase these from an Islamic bookstore near you or order online.

14- Eid Dessert:

Dessert is a good gift to give during the holy month of Ramadan or on eid. You can buy different desserts for adults, kids, and children like cakes, pastries, chocolates, candies, etc. 

You could also search online eid stores to find a variety of desserts in different sizes and designs.


That’s it for now. You can buy any eid gifts for your loved ones to surprise them this eid. Remember that the best part of giving gifts is to bring joy and happiness to your loved ones. 

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