Car servicing is one of the most important tasks that should be in the topmost priority. Most people ignore regular maintenance and of their car delay the servicing because of the heavy costs involved. But what many people do not realize is that not taking their car for regular servicing will only cost them more when the car starts to show signs of trouble. Regular maintenance of the car only makes it affordable car services and the car owners will not be in a tight spot.

In this article here we bring to your different ways to get an affordable car services in your city.

Car Service

OEM VS Normal Auto Spare Parts

The first factor on which your car servicing cost will depend is the type of auto parts you are choosing. Usually, you will have two options:

  1. OEM Parts: Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are the ones which replicate the original auto parts designed by the parent manufacturer at the time of car designing. These parts are genuine and provide the same level of operation and performance.
  2. Normal Spare Parts: These auto spare parts are manufactured by the local companies. They are also replicated but have a more generalized structure. Hence, their deliverable capacity can never match the original car parts.

You can understand that OEM parts will cost you more as compared to the normal spare parts. However, since OEM comes with both quality and warranty, it’s best to look for an affordable car service offering OEM parts replacement.

Choice Of The Servicing Package

Every affordable car service provider will offer you several packages, inclusive of different types of servicing ones. For example:

  1. A basic servicing package will include engine repair, oil and fuel change, and normal inspection which will cost you around $100 to $500 AUD.
  2. A silver package will include everything from the basic package along with higher inspection level, spark plug repairs, windshield repair, and others. It will cost you around $600 to $950 AUD.
  3. For premium packages, everything will be included starting from basic to complete car diagnosis. Since it’s the highest level of package, the maximum cost of such package can go up to $1500 to $1800 AUD.
Car Service

Oil Change

Oil change should be done frequently, especially if you are driving premium cars because, the engine and related oil interactive parts can get easily corroded if the oil change is not done on time. Because of the corrosion, the car parts will getting damaged adding to additional cost of repairing. So, make sure to find an affordable car service so that you can go for a regular oil change and prevent any damage to your car.

Car Brand And Model

The next thing you need to remember is that the costs of an affordable car service will depend both on the manufacturer of the car and its model. If it’s an older model, you will be charged more because older the model, lesser will be the performance and getting the parts of older models also becomes difficult over time.

Similarly, car brands like Hyundai, Suzuki, Toyota, and others would not cost you more. But, if we are talking about the premium car brands like Audi, BMW, Jaguar, and others, you will have to pay the servicing cost mentioned by the brand.


After reading the article, Will you reconsider your decision of not taking your car to the service center? Even though the cost of the affordable car service will depend on these four factors primarily, there are other factors also. You must include those factors also in order to have a proper breakdown of the total expense so that you do not go over budget.