4 Things to Consider Before Having a Business VoIP Solution as Your US Hotel Phone 


VoIP phones are gaining popularity all around the US. The reason for this is the incredible features this phone technology brings with it. Well, knowing all the benefits of a VoIP phone is a must thing when you are going to have it in your business workplace. This helps in getting the best out of your phone technology and staff as well. You can also add ease to the daily communication tasks of your staff by providing them with a business VoIP solution to communicate with guests.

Switching to a VoIP phone is not only beneficial for communication but for your pocket as well. Unlike a traditional phone, a VoIP phone does not work with a cable line. It uses an internet connection which makes it more reliable and efficient. Therefore, there is no doubt in it that a cloud PBX phone is a far better option to consider for your business communication. It allows you to improve voice quality and serve guests according to their demands.

Moreover, you can cut a lot of costs with a VoIP phone. You do not have to pay long telephone bills, you do not need any maintenance, and no need to let your guests wait long anymore. Being a VoIP caller, your staff can handle multiple guests at the same time. This not only leaves a positive impact on your guests but allows you to improve the service as well. All these benefits are useful in their place. But to get your business VoIP phone, you have to find a reliable provider that can provide the right services according to your business needs.

What to Look for in Your Business VoIP Solution Provider?

Well, this article is all about providing you with what you need to look for in your VoIP phone provider. Many companies are providing VoIP phone services in the US. But not all of them are well aware of the hotel industry. So, you not only need to find a reliable VoIP service provider but one that has some previous experience in providing VoIP services to the hotel industry as well. Or, you can go with the one that can understand your requirements and serve you accordingly.


Considering a VoIP provider that offers incredible features is what you need. But you also need to make sure that the features you are getting are right for your hotel’s smooth communication. Doing a new thing or for the first time is not easy. If you are finding a business VoIP solution for the first time, you will face problems and frustration too. So, having a list of qualities that your VoIP provider must-have will surely help you a lot. Here are some of the things that you should look for in your VoIP provider. Have a look at them:

Experience in Serving Hotels

Every business has different requirements and that is why it needs relative experience to serve it in the best way. Selecting an inexperienced VoIP provider regarding hotel communications can be a hectic choice even if the provider has years of experience. The service provider from whom you are taking a business VoIP phone must have a thorough understanding of the hotel communication processes.

Call Volume

Hotels are always busy. Especially, if you see the receptionist’s desk, you will never see it vacant. Calls keep on flowing in and out with guests’ queries. To handle these calls and serve your guests in the best way, you need a cloud PBX phone system with heavy call volume. So, a better approach is to check for the call volume capacity and bandwidth options according to your business growth.

Phone System Price

When you choose to switch your traditional phone systems with a VoIP phone, the biggest advantage you get is an affordable price. Although it can be expensive to buy a VoIP phone system. But this is a one-time investment. Becoming a VoIP caller is always advantageous as it not only takes care of your hotel’s communication needs but your pocket as well.

Call Analysis

Analyzing your business calls is very beneficial as it helps in collecting useful data. Moreover, you can improve your hotel’s services by analyzing the remarks of guests. A VoIP phone offers you an analytics feature that helps in improving the experience of your guests.