DIY gifts are gifts that are made on your own. It requires effort and time but it is special as well. It is the best way to express your love to your special one. If you are looking for something unique and interesting for your girlfriend then I think instead of hopping onto the market try some DIYs this valentine’s day. Forget expensive dresses and designer bags, impress your girlfriend with DIY gifts. 


If you are finding it difficult to figure out ideas about DIYs then do check out this article because we have listed some really interesting items for you that you can try making for your girlfriend.

DIY jewelry holder-

Jewelries are the ultimate love of a girl but managing and keeping the jewelry at the right place becomes daunting for them sometimes especially those which they use daily. You can DIY a jewelry holder for them. It is very easy to make. To make a jewelry holder you just need four to five wooden planks of medium size.

Arrange them laterally and stick them with adhesive. You can attach nails on the top of the planck at equidistant places so that they can hang their jewelry. To make it look attractive and aesthetically pleasing you can paint it or paste stickers on it. I am sure your girlfriend will love to receive this as a gift. 

Explosion box-

The explosion box is one of the best handmade gifts you can try to make for your girlfriend. There are various ways you can make this exploding box. You can keep small knick-knacks inside the box like chocolates, candies, jewelry pieces, keychains etc. On either side, you can paste pictures and write love notes.

You can be creative to make it look interesting. You can find various tutorials on explosion boxes on the internet so do check out before you step into the process of making it. It is one of the best valentine’s gifts for your girlfriend. 

Chocolate bouquet-

Chocolate and valentine’s day go hand-in-hand. You cannot think about Valentine’s Day without chocolate. Instead of conventionally giving chocolates to your girlfriend you can make a chocolate bouquet for her.

To make it you just need to buy different chocolates from the market and arrange them in the form of a bouquet and pack it in a way that it looks like a bouquet. You can use ribbons, colored threads, and other decorative stuff to make it look aesthetically pleasing. 

Spa jar-

A spa jar is a unique kind of gift that you can try making this valentine’s day for your girlfriend. This is very easy to make. You just need a mason jar for this. You can keep small sachets of shampoo, body wash, face wash, scrub, face mask etc that are needed to pamper her body and skin after a long working day.

You can pack it aesthetically using wrapping paper, designer ribbons etc. You can accompany a bouquet with a spa jar for her. These days you can order Valentine’s Day bouquets from online shopping websites. You can also attach a small love note for her that will add a personal touch to the entire gift and make it a heartfelt and most amazing one for her.

Write a letter-

The letter is the best way to express your heartfelt feelings to your loved ones. If you are finding it difficult to make any DIYs but still want to do something different for your girlfriend then you can write a letter to her. A romantic letter can do magic and it cannot be replaced by any other thing.

So take out some time and write a heartfelt letter to her. You can spray perfume, use stamps to seal the envelope and keep a flower alongside. All this together will make your letter much more interesting for her. This idea is a bit old school but sometimes old school things leave a long-lasting impression on the other person. So do try this out this valentine’s day for your girlfriend.

I hope you find some interesting and easy DIYs for your girlfriend this valentine’s day and make it memorable for her.