5 Step Guide to Fix Netgear Extender Red Light Issue


Is your Netgear extender blinking red? Tried a lot of troubleshooting tactics but to no avail? If the answer to both the questions is yes, then no worries! In this article, we will reveal a list of the most effective solutions to help you get rid of the Netgear extender red light issue. So, read on.

Fixed: Netgear Extender Red Light Issue

People perform Netgear extender setup in their homes to access a lag-free internet connection. However, things can turn awry if the Netgear extender starts flashing red. In such a situation, execute the following troubleshooting hacks:

1. Reboot the Netgear Extender

Sometimes, technical glitches overpower your Netgear range extender and prevent it from working normally. But, the good news is that you can get rid of these glitches by giving a simple restart to your Netgear extender.

Rebooting refers to turning off your Netgear wireless extender, letting it rest for a while, and turning it back on.

The moment your Netgear range extender gets rebooted, check if it is still flashing red. If it is, then wait no more to try the next troubleshooting hack.

2. Bring Your WiFi Devices Closer

Perhaps, your Netgear wireless extender is placed too far from your existing router. To get the issue fixed, consider reducing the distance between your WiFi devices.

But, make sure not to place your WiFi devices too close. Or else, it might lead to a clash of their WiFi signals inviting more trouble than you are already facing.

3. Relocate the Extender

Another factor that can lead you to the Netgear extender red light issue is the device’s improper location. Chances are that you’ve placed it inside a zone filled with WiFi interference. Therefore, it is time to relocate your Netgear range extender.

Have a look at the following tips while selecting a new location for your Netgear WiFi extender:

  • Ensure that the place chosen for your Netgear extender is clean and well-ventilated.

  • Check that the extender is not placed near microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, treadmills, televisions, cordless phones, etc.

  • Make sure that your Netgear extender is away from objects carrying a large amount of water and plants.

  • Do not place your Netgear WiFi extender close to metal objects, mirrors, and thick timber walls.

4. Check the Firmware Version

Taking care of the Netgear extender’s functionality holds equal importance as its aesthetics. That is why performing Netgear extender firmware update is necessary. So, check whether your Netgear extender is running on an updated firmware version or not.

Don’t know how to check if the firmware of your extender is updated or not? Let us help you.

  • Ensure that your Netgear range extender is receiving a consistent power supply.

  • Connect your extender to the router and switch on your computer.

  • Fill in the default admin details of your Netgear extender into the given fields and hit Log In to continue.

  • The Netgear Genie smart setup wizard will be displayed.

  • Now, navigate to the Settings tab and click the Maintenance section.

  • Look for the Firmware Update option and click it to check if your device is running on an updated version.

  • You’ll get notified if a new version of firmware is available for your device or not.

  • If a new firmware is available, follow the on-screen instructions to get your Netgear extender updated.

In this way, you can check the firmware version of your Netgear range extender and get it updated.

5. Reset Your Netgear Extender

If all your efforts have gone futile till now, then you can opt for the reset process. It will delete all the personalized settings from your Netgear range extender and get the red light issue fixed.

Follow the below-listed instructions to reset your Netgear WiFi extender:

  • Locate the Reset button on your Netgear range extender.

  • As soon as you locate the button, press it using an oil pin or a toothpick.

  • Your Netgear range extender will get restored to the factory default mode.

Now, configure your Netgear extender from scratch using the IP address. This time you’ll definitely be able to get rid of the red light issue with your Netgear extender.

Summing Up

Facing red light issue with the Netgear extender is common. But, with the help of the aforementioned troubleshooting tactics, you will be able to make your Netgear range extender work normally.