A two-wheeler is a vehicle that has two wheels attached to a frame, generally powered by an engine or motor. Most are used for land transportation and equipped with seating for one or two people. The following information will help you compare insurance plans offered by general insurers, check the coverage, the bonuses offered, and tailor the policy according to your requirements. When it comes to your vehicles, it is always better to put yourself in a position that is least likely to make you suffer any financial losses, and having a comprehensive insurance policy for your two wheeler makes sure that you are covered at every step of the way. 

Here are five tips that will help you reduce your two wheeler insurance premium.

Compare Insurance Plans

It is beneficial to compare various insurance plans offered by general insurers at PayBima. You have to check the coverage, the bonuses offered, and tailor the policy according to your requirements. Doing so will help you reduce your premium as well as ensure you have adequate protection for your needs. Choose the perfect two wheeler insurance plan for you. Compare the many plans that go floss offers from the top general insurers, like Liberty, Tata AIG General and Bajaj Allianz General. Check your policy benefits, cover limits and premiums across other available products in your city or region. Choose from 3-5 broad coverage plans to build a comprehensive insurance policy available at PayBima.

Avoid Making Small Claims

It is better to pay small maintenance and repair charges yourself instead of making a small claim. This will keep your bonus intact and reduce your premium for the next policy year. The best way to avoid making a small claim is to keep your vehicle well maintained. Regular servicing and preventative maintenance of two wheelers should be conducted at authorized service providers. This will ensure your bonus amount remains intact and can result in a better premium for the next policy year.

Purchase Add-Ons Wisely

Your motor insurance policy also offers you add-ons along with other riders. These can be in the form of towing, on-road assistance, and many more. Pick these according to your requirement and budget. We recommend that you should have such add-ons as they come in handy during an emergency.

Renew Your Policy on Time

You must take a renewal action on time. If not you have to pay a fine, and the policy tenure will expire. Renew your existing two-wheeler insurance policy online. Just provide some policy details and make an online payment of required premium. Make it smoother. Renew your two wheeler insurance online at Paybima to get the original policy documents within 30 minutes. Here, we have provided an easy-to-use portal to make the renewal task easier where you can renew your existing two-wheeler insurance policy online. We also help you file a claim and make a payment without any hassle.

Buy Policies from The Same Insurer

The company is an insurance provider and you may not have taken any policy from them before. It doesn’t matter. Many insurers offer loyalty discounts to prospective customers who buy two or more general insurance policies from the same insurer. So, if you already own travel, health or home insurance policies with a particular insurer, make sure to get your bike insured online from them as well.