A Blank WordPress Theme is like any other WordPress theme with multiple functionalities, but sans any styling. These themes are also referred to as naked themes or starter themes. They contain the basic CSS, PHP, and HTML codes. These themes serve as a base which you can use to style according to your requirements. The idea behind it is that when you convert PSD to WordPress, it would be much easier to style your theme if you start with blank theme rather than that which has already been styled. You can easily modify and configure the files that are already there. This article highlights some of the best Blank WordPress Themes for PSD to WordPress conversion.

Reasons for Using Blank WordPress Theme

WordPress is universally acknowledged as the best website building platform, and more and more website owners are migrating to it. However, it’s not easy or feasible for everyone to build their website afresh. To address this issue, WordPress came up with concept of blank themes. It makes the task of migrating to WordPress much easier and also provides a great platform to build a fully customized website.

This concept of blank themes is particularly useful for those who would be designing their own WordPress theme for the first time. You can leverage your experience and expertise in website building and maintenance, and utilize the best practices of theme designing to build a highly customized and beautiful website.


This is a blank theme which you can work with in whatever way you want, and modify and style it according to your needs. As emphasized earlier, it’s not a pre-styled theme that needs to be extended. Underscore is the most widely used blank theme for PSD to WordPress conversion. It is coded in HTML5 and CSS with only the essential files in it. It has five layout templates but no responsive layout- you will have to create it on your own. The clean code doesn’t interfere with your work and allows you to effortlessly build a theme that meets all the WordPress standards.

Foundation Press

This is an open-source launch pad to create a website on the WordPress platform. It was launched almost a decade ago and has since been regularly updated. It is quite popular blank theme which is based on Foundation 6 with a highly advanced responsive framework. Foundation press is a compact, easy to use toolkit that has all the essential ingredients needed to create any design. As it is with any other blank theme, it serves as great starting point in your endeavor to convert PSD to WordPress.

The structure of Foundation Press is quite semantic. You can have the cleanest markup without having to compromise on the benefits and speed of the Foundation. It is flexible enough to allow you to add or delete certain elements. It lets you describe the size of columns, colours, fonts, etc.


This again is a blank theme which is built on Foundation 6. It allows you to build complex, responsive, mobile-friendly websites without requiring you to start afresh. Joints WP is a powerful and flexible blank theme that serves as a great starting point. There is no need to use any child themes when you proceed to build your website. Also, it doesn’t have any unnecessary short codes or function which you wouldn’t need at all and would probably remove them if they were there.


This is another WordPress blank theme that is quite simple, but extremely flexible. It is by far the most conservative and minimalist blank theme that you can lay your hands on. Blankslate is the interface or the neutral ground between creating a WordPress theme completely from the beginning and using a bigger, more powerful blank themes, such as Roots or Underscore. If you hire WordPress developers for your conversion needs, they would probably use Blankslate as it is primarily designed with them in mind.

Under Strap

This blank theme again is quite popular among the users. Understrap is an amalgamation of Automatic’s Underscores Starter Theme and Bootstrap 4. It can be used either as a blank theme or a parent theme. It has some very powerful attributes that you would need to build a basic website. Features such as built-in widget slider, incredible font support, etc., are quite helpful. To top it all, Understrap also supports WooCommerce plugin.


It is a thoroughly responsive Blank WordPress Theme that is built on Bootstrap. Cyberchimps features a fully responsive design with a touch-friendly drag and drop theme options that works very well on iOS and Android devices. It is designed for anyone who wants to build a website of their own, including first time users.

Discussed above are six most popular blank themes used to convert PSD to WordPress. However, there are many more such themes and which theme one uses depends upon individual needs and choice.