7 Unique Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife

heart shape wall shelf

Presenting a gift is nothing, but showing how much you think or care of a person. And when it comes to giving a gift to the lady love, whom you married, of your life, you don’t need to think a lot. It is, as you know her better and have almost all ideas about what she likes and what she hates if you have spent more than 5 years with her. You can get into a dilemma if you want to surprise your lady love this Valentine’s Day or you have just entered into your married life. Here are a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can use to present a valentine gift for wife:  

1. Funny Wife Mug

Do you want to reveal to her all the components that make your wife a perfect partner for you? If yes, you can get a funny wife mug to present as a gift to your lady love this Valentine’s Day. This mug presents the nutrition facts of a wife that include everything from caffeine, beauty, devotion & care, sex appeal, and unconditional love. With double sided design, it is the perfect gift that you should give your wife, explaining her care & love for you.

2. Infinity Love Heart Pendant Necklace

All of us know that females are fond of jewelleries. The more jewellery pieces she has, the more she wants. To feed this jewellery crave, think of buying and presenting a necklace with a heart pendant this Valentine’s Day. It will be a beautiful addition to your wife’s jewellery collection. Your lady love can put it on in her neck on any occasion. Made of 18k white gold, its pretty heart consists of a healing crystal. She will feel proud of you after getting such a present from you.

3. Heart Shape Wall Shelf

Think of presenting a heart shape wall shelf if your wife loves organizing things on the wall and you want to present a romantic gift on February 14, this year. It consists of three separate heart-shaped wall shelves with wood panels and is available in red and white colours. Your lady love uses these wooden heart-shaped shelves to keep valuable gifts or showpieces in her bedroom or living room.  

4. Real Rose Hand Dipped in Platinum

Most of you present a single red rose when you propose your love to her for the first time. This rose withers and dies soon. Propose your love to the woman of your life differently with this Real Rose Hand Dipped in Platinum. It is the rose that will last forever. Your wife will be happy to receive such a valuable and romantic gift from you.

5. Our Adventure Book

Does your wife like the Pixar movie? If yes, she will love this gift from you. This book has space that you can fill up with the moments of the life you have spent and will spend with her. In this book, you can attach photos, movie ticket left parts, postcards, and other things that make you remind her of special times.

6. Heart Book

Do you want to present something unusual to your lady love this Valentine’s Day? If yes, a folded book is an ideal present for someone you love and care most in your life. By applying a random hard cover, the artist has folded every page to give a heart shape. This is a simple, but stunning item that will look eye-catchy on her nightstand or bookshelf.

7. Engraved 3D Moon Shape Lamp

This engraved lamp is the perfect valentine gift for your wife, as it allows you to display your feelings to her and be thankful to her for being with you for years. It has an inscription of a sentimental verse that reflects your feelings to her. Available with touch sensor or remote control, this is an ideal lighting to add a soft glow to any room.


Buying and presenting a valentine gift for your wife is an easy job, as you have an idea about your lady love for being with her for years. However, it becomes a tricky job when you decide to surprise her on Valentine’s Day. Be wise and use your creative mind to choose and present something unique to your wife.