8 Tips for the Managers to Appreciate the Employees at the Workspace


Leaders and managers should learn to appreciate their employees for numerous reasons. It will help increase employee retention, engagement, and productivity at work. Moreover, it will help create a competitive environment to outperform each other and benefits the overall performance of the team.

But the businesses struggle to provide this appreciation even if it takes a little speech after the project. The employees lose motivation, and there is no reason for them to put additional effort into their job. Here, we have mentioned some tips for the managers to appreciate their employees and prevent demotivation.

  1. Show Empathy and Care

Employees are adults who can see through fake behavior if you don’t actually care about them. Therefore, show genuine care and empathy while treating your subordinates. They will appreciate your honest behavior.

To show empathy, you need to understand their situation and provide guidance to them. They may require some time alone at work while working on some project. Moreover, you can help them with some financial support by guiding them through the process of loans without a guarantor.

  • Have Daily Conversation

Small conversations are not a waste of productive hours, as advertised by some managers. They are essential to stay in touch with the employees and build a relationship. You will get to know the employees on a personal level to know more about their personalities.

For employees, they will feel valued and cared for with regular conversations with their managers. You can appreciate them for their work or slip positive feedback during the conversation. Just keep the conversation short to ensureing you are not wasting the productive time of everyone, including yourself.

  • Remember Important Dates

It is important to remember the birthdays and work anniversary of the employees. It means you care enough about them to remember some personal information about them. It will mean a lot if you ask some team member to bring a cake and let the team celebrate for an hour or two.

These celebrations come a long way in appreciating the contribution of someone in the team. Their importance is clear with the arrangements and a small speech from everyone. Make sure the mess is cleaned by the employees if the program is taking place in the conference room to let the other use the room.

  • Communicate Effectively

Communication is a critical aspect of any workspace to ensure smooth functioning. You need to send the right message to the employees about the expectations from their roles and responsibility. Once the communication is effective, it will give you the platform to appreciate their contribution with the need to call a meeting.

Communication is not limited to the tools in your computer systems. It means the employees can reach their managers for any doubt, query, or other important discussions. Effective communication will also ensure the employees understand the importance of their roles and responsibilities to make them feel more valued.

  • Set Challenging Goals

Employees will not have some negative thoughts about your management style if you throw challenging tasks at them. Those people have worked hard to get a college education and learn some secondary skills for this job. Therefore, they are more than capable to tackling some challenging tasks related to their profile.

However, it is important to know the skill set of the employees before giving them some tasks. They may have technical skills, but soft skills are equally important in a professional environment.

  • Say Thank You

Monetary awards are considered the best motivation and token of appreciation for the employees. It is hard to argue against this statement as the primary reason to work is to earn money for a living. Nevertheless, you should not underestimate the value of a thank you to the employees for their amazing performance.

Mention the contribution of the top-performers in a meeting is an age-old method for employee appreciation. You can post positive feedback from the clients for the project in the group chat if the projects are distributed among the teammates. Also, it is important to recognize their contribution and say thank you fast.

  • Gift Them on Special Occasions

Small gifts on special occasions such as festivals and birthdays are a great gesture to appreciate the employees. It will not cost much to find some thoughtful gifts from the market for individuals. If the budget is tight, make same-day loans in the UK to bring a smile to the face of employees.

Some gift cards or coupons for their favorite stores also make a nice gift. You can promote a culture of appreciation by allowing sharing gifts at major festivals. Let the employees appreciate each other with some gifts or letters under their desk.

  • Act on the Feedback from Employees

It makes no sense to go through the process of taking feedback from the employees and not acting on it. The staff will not feel valued, and they may not share their opinion any longer. At the same time, others may think of it as a waste of time and fill the feedback form for the sake of completing the process.

Therefore, it is important to make positive changes to your management style or company culture based on the feedback. Your actions will make the employees feel valued and appreciated. Also, do not take the criticism personally and either explain the situation or make changes.


To sum up, it takes time and effort to make the employees feel appreciated in the workplace. The results will worth the efforts as the workforce will experience growth on a personal level. And the same friendly faces will remain with the organization for a very long time.