8 Ways In-Store Marketing Ideas Can Attract New Customers


Gone are the days when retail chains would solely rely on conventional marketing methods like newspaper, TV, and billboard advertisements. While these promotional methods still hold great prominence, the importance of in-store marketing ideas has grown over the last two decades. Retail marketing has evolved in using cutting-edge technology like the field data collection app, modern-day merchandising methods, and other promotional tactics to entice potential shoppers. Here are 8 brilliant in-store marketing ideas for retail shops to attract new customers.

1. Nothing can match a captivating showcase window-

For a passerby, the strongest urge to enter a store is when there is a dazzling arrangement of merchandise in the store window. Not only should the display be stunning, but should also be clean, well-maintained, adequately-lit, and refreshed from time to time. The crux of in-store retail marketing lies in the store window display, and an expert retailer will use it to his complete advantage.

2. Use a Field Data Collection App-

To seek customer feedback in a highly comprehensive manner, and thereon act upon the relevant feedback to improve the store’s merchandising policies, the use of a field data collection app is highly recommended. While it doesn’t directly attract new customers, a well-structured feedback mechanism is vital for making your store more customer-friendly, and creating a top-notch shopping experience.

3. Seamless Checkout with Impulse Selling-

The more hassle-free and streamlined your checkout aisle and billing process happens to be, the higher are the chances of customers picking up impulse-purchases from the bins and small racks at the checkout counter. In-Store Marketing Ideas focus on creating an exceptional in-store experience for the customer, and an efficient checkout process cements this positive aura.

4. Telephonic Promotions-

You can have an in-store marketing representative to use a field data collection app for seeking the telephone numbers of customers. This database will come in handy for telephonic promotions, and notifying customers about special offers, flash sales, and upcoming festive discounts.

5. Strategic Bundling of Merchandise-

An experienced in-store merchandiser will focus on the attractive packaging and bundling of merchandise to trigger higher sales. For instance, you can bundle up a low-performing Hair Serum with a fast-selling Shampoo, or display matching accessories like earrings, bracelets, footwear, and bandanas, right next to maxi dresses and party wear for teenage girls.

6. Get your Bestsellers out-

There’s nothing like an enticing outdoor display to tempt shoppers! If you have a little space just outside your store, spare tables, and sufficient manpower, why not create an alluring outdoor display with your bestselling merchandise? This is one of the top-voted in-store marketing ideas, especially during the festive season.

7 – Focus on Sale Training-

Be it in-store marketing, or digital promotions, your retail marketing efforts would be incomplete if your store-staff is not acquainted with the best practices of customer-handling, customer relations, up-selling, cross-selling, and so on. Conducting regular sales training sessions for store employees is a must for managers and retail merchandisers.

8 – Initiate Home Deliveries-

Stores that offer home delivery services generally have higher sales as compared to one that don’t. Since the guiding premise of Retail Marketing is ‘Customer is King’, accepting orders for home delivery will increase the conversions, and help in establishing a loyal base of customers