9 Things You Must Check Before Recording Audio

9 Things You Must Check Before Recording Audio
9 Things You Must Check Before Recording Audio

Two eminent things make a video look more appealing; the sound and the visuals. If any of these two do not fit right in the video or audio developing process, the entire project could fail, and you would keep wondering what went wrong. In today’s tech-savvy environment, a professional recording studio has exposure to all the right kinds of equipment and tools. 

It is also important to note that no matter how expensive the equipment to record audio is, if you do not comprehend the idea of fixing the right environment, setting your video light and setting would not matter much. As part of a corporate video production process, teams must choose the proper audio video recording studio and make sure that they know the correct elements to check even before beginning the entire event. 

So here are the 9 crucial things to look out for as you start to do the audio recording:

The Connections

What would it be like while trying to record a video if one noticed that the wires are not attached properly? Most of the time, audio engineers and sound recording professionals have to manage a lot of cables. Hence, at times they can miss a cord to be plugged rightly. Strong XLR connections are essential, and if the wires are too small, it is easy to miss them. Hence, double-jacking the jacks and cords is imperative not to become an interruption while trying to record perfect audio. 

The Tone of your Room

Every room has a set environment with available noises. There is a reason every professional sound engineer would set up the atmosphere before beginning to actually record the audio. A room has its tone, which could interfere with the audio. Thus, to successfully remove any disruption in the audio, setting a proper tone with uninterrupted background voices is always recommended. 

Reducing Echo

Just like selecting an appropriate tone for your room is essential, it also involves minimizing all chances of any echo. When recording audio on a microphone, it usually leads to a lot of echo in the background, which also depends on the kind of room one is recording the audio. Usually, hardwood floors tend to bounce the voice and eventually cause echo videovor. That’s why a professional sound recording studio has materials inside the room that absorb the sound rather than make them bounce. 

The Indoor and Outdoor Elements

Audio-Video recording does not always happen inside a studio. When it is a planned shoot for an outdoor location, there are several things to look at and protect the audio equipment from the elements like the wind. Moreover, the sound disturbances caused due to the outside atmosphere is a primary concern. Hence, proper protections are to be taken care of not only for external circumstances but also for reducing the inside noises.

Choose Quality Headphones

Headphones play a crucial role in helping record good audio. While mixing the audio, you need to make sure you can track the sound in real-time. Ensure to plug in the headphone jack properly if it has to go directly into an XLR. So when you have good quality headphones, it becomes easier to follow through the audio issues and fix them quickly.  

The Levels of Your Audio System

Ensuring the audio levels of the microphone helps in understanding whether or not it can catch and record the sounds. It is a mere process to check the audio levels and ensure the sounds’ sensitivity to your headphone. You can adjust the levels accordingly. A professional recording expert would know the exact range of sound to modify it and give it some room to get louder while recording the audio. 

Battery Versus Phantom Power

Phantom power refers to powering the sound equipment through a camera or audio recorder. On the other hand, the battery helps power up the equipment independently. While preparing to record the audio, it is essential to identify which of your equipment would have a separate battery and which ones would draw power from the camera or audio recorder. Based on the choice, keeping extra batteries handy is essential. 

Choosing the right Equipment for Boom Placement

Several recording artists prefer to create a boom in their audio, and that’s why they prefer using a boom microphone. The right microphone would have a boom pole and a pole holder to keep it steady. Appropriate equipment would make a difference in front of the subject to create the right effect in the audio. Hence a better recording experience. 

Auto Versus Manual recording option

Auto Recording or Manual Recording options are feasible according to the crew members involved in managing the entire recording process. It is about how the team of professionals works the recording process and ensures accurate monitoring of the sound. 

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