The biggest purpose of search engine optimization is to improve the ranking of a website or webpage. For that, you need to build links on your website carefully, so they direct the users to the relevant content and provide them more information related to their search intent. Using the anchor text carefully can help you achieve this target and enjoy a boost in your rankings.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the clickable word, sentence or text presented in the hyperlink that helps the readers explore more relevant and detailed information about the hyperlinked text. The anchored texts create an anchor between two pages on the web, therefore termed so. The anchor text is usually in blue color and underlined; however, the website owners can change the color and use some other to display it. Optimizing anchor text is crucial to enjoy higher search rankings.

Dig deeper into this article and explore a brief guide about anchor text optimization to boost the ranking of your webpages and website.

Top 7 Practices You Should Follow for Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor text is not only important for the websites and webpages but for Google too, as it assesses the quality of the link and the content to check if the anchor text is really relevant. You cannot just create an anchor link anywhere but have to use it carefully. Both of the pages linked through the anchor should provide quality content to users and Google to enjoy a higher ranking.

Here are the top practices you should essentially follow to optimize the anchor text.

1. Discard SEO Myths

SEO myths like anchor texts should always be created on the keywords that make people fall prey to the lacking practices. Creating anchor text on keywords can be beneficial; however, it is not the limit. The website owners often hire experts from SEO company to create perfectly optimized anchor text instead of falling victim to the SEO myths and earning loss.

2. Prefer Natural and Versatile Use

The second practice you should follow for anchor text optimization is preferring the natural use of the links. If you just create the link or anchor text randomly, it will not offer any valuable content or information to the website visitor. In addition to it, making the anchor text versatile is crucial to make it valuable. Place them only where the users might feel the need for more information.

3. Avoid Over Optimization

Over-optimization is one of the faultiest practices that negatively impact your efforts instead of earning you higher search rankings. If you are using a specific keyword in multiple blogs, try to use similar, related words or suitable synonyms to avoid the use of over-optimization. You can also consult SEO experts to ensure you are not over-optimizing your content.

4. Include Descriptive Words

One of the best practices you can follow to optimize anchor text on your webpage is including descriptive words. For example, if you are creating an anchor text of a research paper, you can mention some stats to tell your readers that they can explore statistical research in the link. However, make sure the anchored text does not seem forceful but natural.

5. Prioritize Deep Linking

Prioritizing deep linking on your website is one of the best practices for anchor text optimization. It means that you should not only anchor the home or product pages of your website as they might not offer much valuable content to the users. On the other hand, anchoring text on blogs and webpages with more content will help the users explore more valuable knowledge.

6. Avoid Surprises

Another crucial practice you can implement for anchor text optimization on your website or webpage is to avoid the surprises. For example, you have created anchor text on a guide. If the users explore it only to be asked to subscribe or register or pay some fee, they will get disappointed and might close the original page. You can include hints like paid guide or guide after registering to prepare them for extra action before finally exploring the guide.

7. Ensure Relevancy

Lastly, ensuring the relevancy of the anchor text is crucial to utilize it properly. You cannot use anchor text just for the heck of creating a link but have to ensure it seems suitable, needed and relevant in the place. You can hire an SEO expert to improve your anchor text relevance and optimize the content to achieve better search rankings.

Utilize anchor text professional to enjoy better ranking!

Anchor texts are one of the best means of motivating users to explore other relevant and linked sites. However, if you create the anchors without putting much thought into it, it will only lower the ranking of your webpage or website. So, do not test your limited knowledge if you lack the expertise and consult the SEO experts to save your low ranked websites.