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A Guide To Tyre Shopping For Your SUV

Speed and safety have always been the foremost priorities of routine drivers. Both depend on the quality of your tyre as it is the only rolling component of the car in contact with the road surface.

The tyre of your car must be sustainable, durable and well maintained. Here is a guide to tyre shopping for your SUV.

Know the type and size

Broadly, tyres are classified into two categories- Tube-type and tubeless. Experts have confirmed that a tubeless tyre is the tyre of choice for SUVs. It Is light-weighted, has fewer chances of a blowout, stable at high speed, smooth-rolling, fuel-efficient, and can drive even at low air pressure. Though expensive but worth the deal.

Finding the correct tyre size is no rocket science. It is generally mentioned on the sidewall of the tyre. First, there are components involved in the designation of tyre size, and then there is a technique to read it. The components of tyre size are tread width, rim size, and sidewall height. Tyre size is read in the following manner- 

For example, a tyre reads 198/65R1484V. So, 

  • 198(mm) is the normal section width of the tyre,
  • 65(%) is the aspect ratio that depicts the percentage contribution of tread width to the tyre height
  • R is a radial construction
  • 149(inches) is the rim diameter
  • 84 is the tire’s load capacity
  • V is the speed rating.

Tyre size is generally mentioned on the sidewall of the tyre. For more guidance, please see the vehicle owner’s manual.

Know the composition

Natural rubber is the main component of tyres Leicester, along with sulphur, carbon and silica. A high percentage of silica guarantees smooth rolling, less friction and efficient fuel consumption. 

A buyer should also check the mixing ratio of carbon black and silica as this decides the aquaplaning feature of the tyre, thus deciding the stability of the car on wet roads.

Know the tread pattern

The tyre manufacturing companies invest their maximum capital along with R&D to design a sustainable tread design. Tread patterns maximise hydroplaning and provide sufficient traction to have a grip on wet roads. Directional grooves channelise the water out and maintain the stability and momentum of the car. 

Look for appropriate tread depth while shopping for tyres depending on your speed requirements and locations.

Know your climate and road

The composition and traction values of a tyre vary with different seasons. Some of them are-

  • Summer tyres: Rigid and durable tyres are ideal for the summer season. Streamlined tread patterns with smooth-rolling and noise cancellation properties are few features of summer tyres. 
  • Winter tyres: These are Equipped with an asymmetrical tread pattern with increased tread depth and 3D sips to maximise aquaplaning and grip on snowy roads.
  • Run-flat tyres: Though non-repairable, run-flat tyres are saviours in emergencies of unexpected punctures. They can drive half a mile even in deflated situations, thus assuring the safe passage to the driver.
  • All-season tyres: Suitable for people who live in mixed weather locations.
  • 4×4 tyres: This category of tyres is the real competitor of standard tyres and often win the race with their excellent performance in muddy and snowy areas. 4×4 Tyres Leicester is designed with deeper tread grooves and performs excellent on agricultural lands or off-road.

Tyre shopping- online vs offline

After making yourself aware of all the nooks and cranny of tyre shopping, you can easily shop for a tyre on any online platform. This offers all brands selling across the globe on one platform. It also saves time, effort and makes the whole process hassle-free. You can also ask for the delivery at a garage for tyre-fitting.

In case you feel under-confident with your knowledge of tyres Leicester, offline tyre shopping provides you with the benefit of expert assistance available at a tyre shop.


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