A Look At What Foods Do The Most Damage To Your Teeth


Doctors say your food habit defines your health. However the biggest dilemma is we are unaware about what some food does to our health. but it’s now high-time to get some awareness, to spread some awareness. There are some particular foods that you may love to eat but the reality is these foods are not really a friend to your health, especially to your teeth. Rather such foods cause bacterial infection and damage your teeth gradually. So, what are these foods? Let’s have a look:-

Chocolates and Hard Candies- Maybe there is not even a single person who doesn’t love eating chocolates. But do you know what it really does to your teeth? Chocolates usually contain high levels of sugar. And sugar is the biggest enemy of your teeth. Eating chocolates too frequently could cause cavities and serious tooth infection. Also hard candies that take time to get dissolved are another major threat for your teeth. Such candies also contain very high amounts of sugar that can cause bacterial infection. So if you are someone who has this habit of eating excessive chocolates get your dental check-up done immediately through authentic dentist London to prevent tooth decay.

Crackers- Recent research studies have established the fact that crackers contain high amounts of carbohydrates that could invite a lot of dental issues. Though Carbohydrate is an essential component of a healthy diet but it can become a threat if consumed excessively. So, if I love to eat crackers a lot now it’s high-time to limit this habit of eating it regularly. 

Soft Drinks- Soft drink is another potential threat for your teeth. These soft drinks may taste amazing but the harmful effects they leave could cause serious dental issues. Such soft drinks contain high levels of sugar and we all know what sugar does to our teeth. Though some soft drinks claim to be sugar-free but what about the acidic reaction they form? Even one small glass of soft drink could produce a high amount of acid. This acid is highly dangerous for your teeth. It causes tooth inflammation that results in tooth decay even in a very young age.

Citrus Fruits- This may sound surprising. You may be wondering how a fruit could do anything bad to us right? Well eating a limited number of citrus fruits is totally safe and does no harm. But if you are eating it excessively it can cause some problems. This food has a high amount of Citric acid which can cause tooth decay. Dentists advise rinsing your mouth with mouthwash or water immediately after eating this fruit.

We can imagine how tough it could be living a life without these foods. But your teeth’s health is important right? So try to set a bar. Try to prioritize your oral health before it becomes too late.