A Quick Guide to Avail Instant Pre Approved Personal Loan


Pre approved Personal Loan

When you are in a pressing need of cash, personal loans are the most popular option as they make for an excellent resort to overcome the financial crisis. You can use personal loans for any purpose, such as weddings, clearing credit card debts, or even a dream vacation. If you are a customer with a good repayment history, then you have the added advantage of receiving a pre-approved personal loan. With a Bajaj Finserv pre approved personal loan, you are eligible for a favourable tenor between one to five years.

The best part is that the pre approved loan offer is hassle-free with the least amount of paperwork. However, the lender offers this loan only to their customers with an excellent credit history. 

Pre-approved personal loan

If you are granted a pre-approval for a loan by a bank or an NBFC, you’ve already crossed the initial approval process, and the lender will directly approach you to lend the loan.

Eligibility criteria

The other factors that can decide your eligibility include your good credit rating and an excellent track record of settling your outstanding bills to avail of this loan. The lenders may prefer customers with a steady income while extending this loan. Check the Bajaj Finserv pre-approved loan page for further information. 

Simple application procedure

You can apply for pre-approved personal loans online. Check pre-approved loan offers by logging in to the Bajaj Finserv website. Then, select the loan amount, interest rate and tenor, and accept the terms and conditions of the loan.  

Benefits of a pre-approved personal loan  

There are several benefits of pre-approved personal loans, which are:

  • Since the initial approval process is already done, the lender will quickly disburse the loan amount.
  • The lenders have the paperwork required for the disbursal of the loan. Hence, the personal loan without documents will get sanctioned immediately. 
  • The lender may also reduce the interest rate on the pre-approved loan by considering your excellent credit history.

Planning your repayment

Planning your repayment is the most crucial factor in staying within your budget.

The lending business has improved considerably with the rise of the fintech concept. More so, the system is now a hassle-free experience.

For example, the pre-approved personal loan amount to Bajaj Finserv customers gets credited to their bank account within 24 hours*.

You can qualify for Bajaj Finserv pre-approved personal loan offers easily; you only need a steady debt repayment track record.

To help you avail an instant pre-approved personal loan, check for an offer on your credit report by visiting the official webpage. You can check the pre-approved offer personalised for you and get disbursal within a few hours.

You need to furnish some basic information about yourself to ensure that you get quick access to funds. Thus the entire process is a lot faster. If Bajaj Finserv is your lender, you can receive disbursal of the amount within 24 hours*. 


Choose a preferred tenor to make your repayment stress-free. You can have a flexible tenor between 12 to 60 months with the Bajaj Finserv pre-approved loan and line up your EMIs within your financial means. 

Selecting an appropriate tenor can also help you maintain the loan cost under control and repay the loan more quickly. 

For a shorter tenor, the interest applicable is lower; however, EMIs are higher.

Ideally, find a balance to ensure the loan is cost-effective and affordable.  


With these tips, you can easily steer yourself to avail the Bajaj Finserv pre-approved loan. 

Sitting at home, you can visit the website and check if you have a pre-approved personal loan offer. Else, fill out the form to get an offer. You need not visit a branch.

The Bajaj Finserv pre-approved loan has no hidden charges, and you can borrow without restraint and get disbursal within a few hours.

To avoid penalties, you must repay the principal amount and the accrued interest on time. A personal loan also influences your credit rating, as with any other loan. Hence, build your credit by making an on-time payment. Any late fees can significantly harm your rating, making it difficult to avail of a loan in future.