What is better, Acumen EHR or AdvancedMD EHR? Healthcare professionals now look for the most suitable health recording solution for their organization. In this article, we will help you pick the best software solution by presenting a detailed comparison of these two EMR products down to the exact details of their offerings. We will compare their key functionalities, pricing details, and more, to help you make a wise decision. But before that, you should clearly understand what your unique workflow patterns are and what issues you need to target after your EHR implementation. Now let’s just dive into the comparison without any further ado!

Acumen EHR Vs AdvancedMD EHR

Both Acumen and AdvancedMD are top software solutions in the EMR industry, which is why choosing between the two can be challenging. If you are also having trouble picking one of these two, then look no further. This article will be all about Acumen vs. AdvancedMD in terms of user reviews, features, and pricing. 

Overview of Top Features


Patient Portal to Encourage Patient Engagement

One of the most raved-about aspects of Acument EMR software is its patient portal feature. Based on top Acumen EHR Reviews, it is incredibly useful and lets patients actively participate in their care process. They can log on to a portal and schedule their own appointments, access lab results, communicate with their physicians, request prescription refills, keep track of their appointments, and more.

Clinical Information for improved patient care

Making the correct diagnosis requires you to have instant access to a patient’s medical history. This software solution offers comprehensive patent charts, which let you know about a patient’s history when needed. You can deliver the best patient care possible as you have the required background and can make an informed decision.

RCM to Reduce Denial Rate

In this paragraph, The robust RCM solution by Acumen EHR reduces your denial rate significantly. It efficiently streamlines billing tasks for providers. You can cut down on the number of billing errors, making the process pain-free for both you and your patients. After that, This not only ensures quicker reimbursements but also highlights what bills are pending for you to collect.

Appointment Scheduling for Maximum Efficiency

The appointment scheduling feature of Acumen is quite famous among users. It allows them to schedule as many appointments in a day as possible, maximizing revenue and efficiency for a practice. In addition, You can manage the available time slots efficiently and ensure a better experience for your patients. Learn more about this feature during an Acumen EHR Demo.

Interactive Dashboard for Ease

This feature by Acumen is designed to give a user-friendly interface and figure out what appeals to users. It is one of the main highlights of this software solution and makes it easier for users to switch between different features. You can boost operational efficiency by spending less time navigating through the system. The learning curve is almost non-existent as the dashboard makes the software so easy to use. 


E-Prescribing to Ensure Patient Safety

Moreover, E-prescribing plays a vital role when it comes to enhancing patient safety. AdvancedMD’s e-prescription functionality allows doctors to quickly send medication prescriptions across pharmacies and practices. You can check for potential drug-to-allergy and drug-to-drug interactions. This feature is also MACRA, MIPS, and HIPAA compliant.

Secure Document Exchange for Convenience

This feature by AdvancedMD keeps patient information both easily transferable and secure. You can exchange patient health data, prescriptions, and more across various organizations. The reviews for this EHR product confirm that it promotes better and efficient sharing of information for healthcare organizations. 

Customizable templates for Ease

AdvancedMD is highly acclaimed by users for its customizable templates feature. This software solution comes power-packed with a huge template library that is appreciated by most of its users. It includes more than 150 templates for different medical specialties. This means that a lot of providers can implement this system into their healthcare organizations.

Telehealth Services to expand care

So, The telemedicine solution by this software helps users attract new patients, expand care to chronic patients and rural areas – while significantly decreasing costs for all. In addition, In today’s healthcare world, telehealth services prove to be very useful for different types of practices. You can treat your patients remotely using HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tools.

Physician Dashboard to Accelerate Care Process

AdvancedMD’s powerful dashboard is geared towards physicians. It enables healthcare professionals to pull up patient medical information and treatment history. 

Target customer size

Acumen’s typical customers include healthcare facilities and organizations of all sizes looking for the next generation of EHR and practice management software for nephrology practices Typical customers of AdvancedMD include small, medium, and large-sized medical businesses.

Pricing Comparison

Acumen EHR pricing details are not shared publicly by the vendor. It does not offer a free trial. Advanced EHR pricing plan starts at 729 per provider/month. It offers various flexible AdvancedMD pricing models; you can select whichever one fits you the best. After that, You can visit FindEMR to book a demo for both EHR products.

Support Details

Acumen provides support via phone and email, while AdvancedMD offers phone, email, and live support options.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between two top-rated software solutions – that are known for their functionalities to improve operational efficiency and practice revenue – is not easy. In addition, The only way to figure this out is by understanding your organization’s unique workflow patterns, problems you want to fix, and your expectations from implementing an EMR solution. However, Acumen EHR and AdvancedMD EHR both offer some very nice features, have positive user reviews, and come at such affordable pricing. So, If you want an EHR software just to optimize your practice, then any one of the two can work for you.