A lot of thoughts pop up while selecting a door. The first thought is mainly about the look. Then comes the durability of the door. Budget remains a big concern as well. Also, sellers often leave you confused with a variety of options available. Thus, selecting the right one becomes a challenging task.

The easiest way is to choose the latest trend in the market. However, the latest doesn’t mean expensive. In fact, there’s a new, quite affordable option that people are increasingly opting for. This latest door is the veneer cladding door.

Why choose veneers for doors?

You may have explored options already. If you missed veneers, this is for you. The chances are that you would prefer veneers over other options. But why? Let us explore the advantages and understand what makes veneers are a popular choice. Learn why it is a value for money option.

Add a touch of elegance with veneers

Decorative veneers are incredibly appealing. The natural wood finish effortlessly embellishes the doors. When installed on woods, they look more graceful.

Just a thin veneer sheet can change the door look. The best part is that veneer doors can match any type of exterior and interior. They harmonize perfectly to modern and old houses. They always look classy. Thus, adding value to your home.

Veneers have many varieties

Veneers have different finishes. Various essences of natural wood can be obtained. You can choose the one you like. The versatility of veneers also makes them unique. Dark, moderate, and light shades are available too.

Veneers are eco-friendly

No toxic byproducts are produced to make veneers. Also, veneers are recyclable and can be reused. If damaged, they can be reformed to a new product. So, they don’t contribute to environmental pollution. This eco-friendly property makes it even better for a sustainable world.  These are some unique benefits of veneers. Undoubtedly, this is a cost-effective aesthetic door option. It lasts long and also adds a decorative value. Above all, it has eco-friendly properties as well. What else to ask for?

Choose a type that suits your purpose. Contact an expert before you decide.

Natural veneer is a unique material sliced from logs (tree trunks) that is influenced by an individual tree’s reaction to its soil composition, geographic location and other growing conditions throughout the duration of its growth. The intrinsic patterns and markings in natural veneers aren’t altered or enhanced in any way, making each natural veneer from a tree an individual work of art.

Decorative Veneers are one of the best things that can be made from wood. From picking the right logs to having the veneers decorating your space, there are so many intricate processes involved in making the veneers. The wood has to go through varying processes that extract the hidden beauty of it.

We list down the simple processes that wood has to go through before becoming a piece of art.

1. Preparing the logs- The wooden logs need to be cut in a very specific way. Every log has to be cut in a way that enhances the grain on the final veneers.

2. Steaming –After filches are made, they are steamed in boiling vats, which softens them for slicing. This process can also bring out the colour of the wood.

3. Slicing- After the wood is softened, filches are sent to slicers which slices them into veneer leaves.

4. Drying- The sliced veneer leaves need to have the excess moisture removed from them, for which they are sent to the special dryers.

5. Edge cutting/Clipping –The sliced veneers are not in proper shape. The leaves are then sent to the clipper with cuts off the edges to bring parallel edges to the veneers.

6. Splicing and End Tapping- The leaves are then stitched together seamlessly to produce standard sizes and then end tapped for pressing.

7. Pressing- The leaves are then pressed on pre-glued substrates to create veneer panels.

8. Sanding and Finishing- Before the veneers are packed, they are sent to sanding areas where they are given the decorative finishing.

After finishing up, the veneers are ready to decorate your space for years to come.