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All About Yoga: Its Origin, History And Development

Yoga in the west is known as a combination of a few exercises that you can do whenever you can, but it is more than that. A person who wants to know about the benefits of doing yoga should start from the basics such as the origin of yoga, its history, development, and all other related topics. This will help you better understand yoga, and its benefits. If you are someone who is wondering what yoga is and how it became one of the most prominent ways of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. This article will guide you through a short journey of yoga and how it became what it is today. 


By definition, yoga is a set of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that help live a healthy and successful life. There are a lot of specific definitions apart from this that you can find in different transcripts. But this one definition is standard as it explains what yoga is and what it can do. So, according to this definition, yoga is a set of physical exercises, combined with the theory that helps you become a more successful and healthier person, but apart from improving physical health it also impacts your mental health and your spirituality. It can cause a spiritual awakening in the people as well.  


According to the researchers, yoga first emerged as a way of religious practice in India. No one knows exactly how it started but according to the Hindu religion, it was delivered to humans by Gods as a way to live a happy and successful life. Text references of the earliest yoga practices can be found between 1000–500 BCE in Hindu religious texts. Initially, only a select group of people were allowed to do it, but as time passed yoga became more streamlined.  

History and Development: 

After its first origination in India, it became a widespread practice in different countries because of Buddhist monks. Buddhist monks promoted the yoga practice as a religious way of life. From 500 to 200 BCE Buddhist monks took it from India and spread it widely in countries that are currently known as China, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, and other east Asian countries.  

The modern form of yoga became more prominent in the late 1900s when yoga gurus from India traveled across the world and taught the world about yoga. But in Europe and other parts of the western world, yoga became a part of the exercise, and people-focused only on the physical benefits, leaving the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga.  

This led to the modernization of yoga and many new styles of yoga practice emerged over the years. Some yoga ashrams focused on physical aspects while some focused on the spiritual and mental aspects.  


There are a lot of benefits of yoga. As you have read in the above paragraphs, yoga has benefits for the body, mind, and soul. Benefits for the body include improvements in physical health, strength, and agility. Benefits for the mind include relief from stress and other mental health issues. Benefits for souls include connecting with yourself, accepting your truthfulness, and more. Anyone who starts the practice of yoga can have all of these benefits if he/she is doing it properly.  

Modern Practice of Yoga: 

In modern yoga especially in Europe, most people only focus on one aspect of yoga, which is physical health. They ignore the fact that yoga is much more than a physical practice and physical benefits. That they can also use it for other purposes such as stress management, mental and spiritual health improvements.  

European style yoga also does not follow the ancient theory and philosophy of yoga. But in India, ancient cultures and ancient types of yoga are still the most popular forms because they are pure and they have more benefits. So, if you are someone who wants to get the benefits of yoga, you should start learning yoga from an Indian yoga guru.  

Learning Yoga: 

There are a lot of benefits that you can get. But you will only get these benefits if you are learning from the right person. There are a lot of online and offline teachers but not all of them offer the same type of education and practical knowledge. Some are better than others while some are the best. You should always select the best ones to learn from.  


You should check the theoretical and practical courses of yoga that are offered online by Arhanta Yoga Ashram. They teach online, which means you can learn from home without having to travel. They also offer many online yoga certifications that will enable you to teach yoga as a teacher anywhere in the world.  


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