All You Need to Know About the Mutation of Land in Bihar Bhum

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Mutating a property entails changing the property title ownership from one individual to the next owner when the latter is being sold off or transferred. When you mutate a property, the new owner is assigned its title. The same gets recorded in his/her name in the department of land revenue. The Bihar government can claim property tax from the rightful owner. The change in the property’s title ownership might happen due to reasons, including but not limited to the death of the original owner and transfer of the owner owing to succession or inheritance. In cases of leased properties, the owner may be transferred via an irrevocable power of attorney. In this post, we are going to know how to mutate a property in Bihar.

Know the Procedure and Time Limit to Apply for Land Mutation in Bihar Bhumi

Mutating a property is compulsory because of the legal transactions that revolve around the same property. A mutation is critical for finalizing the tax liability when property ownership is about to get transferred. A property owner needs to do the mutation and get fresh owner details updated on revenue records that are maintained and supervised by civic bodies, such as Panchayats, Municipal Corporations, and Municipalities. Via land mutation, an individual acquires legal land rights. To get rid of the controversy regarding land ownership, the mutation is worked out typically by both parties, i.e. the seller and the buyer. 

Mutation of Land in Bihar Bhumi – Online Process

An applicant needs to follow the steps mentioned below to apply for land mutation in Bihar:

1: The mutation applicant first must visit the Bihar Bhumi official website.

2: The applicant then must click on “registration” for registering on the official website, if they have not done so earlier. If they are a registered user, they can simply click on “Login”. 

3: When the user has successfully logged in, they must choose the district and the circle. Then, they have to opt for “Apply New Mutation”.

4: The applicant must select “On Application” during the next step. The option will appear below “Mutation initiation type”.

5: Now the user must fill in the details in the form and click on “Save as Draft and Next”.

6: On the “Upload Document” page, upload scanned PDF files of ‘Sale Deed‘ and click the ‘Save‘ button. After this, the applicant will receive a ‘receipt‘ that will be saved and they can take a print of the receipt. 

Offline Process for Mutation of Land in Bihar Bhumi

The applicant can obtain the application form by visiting the nearest district office. The applicant may also download the application online. After filling out the application form, the applicant must submit the form along with the required documents to the RTPS counter and collect the receipt. They will, later on, receive a notice copy via post. 

Per the notice shared with them, they must visit the circle office with the original property deed. They may even release the order to any rajsaw karamchari, handing them a copy of PrapTra-II that reflects the transfer of land from the seller to the one buying it. Then the rajasaw karamchari will offer them land revenue receipts that have the jamabandi number

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What Are the Documents Required for the Mutation of Land in Bihar Bhumi?

The documents mentioned below are needed to mutate a property in the Bihar Bhumi village office:

  1. Application along with a stamp 
  2. Previous and current registration deeds 
  3. Sale deeds
  4. Affidavit on a stamp paper 
  5. Up-to-date receipts of property tax payment
  6. Aadhaar and ration cards
Documents Required in Case of a Mutation in Case of Inheritance or Will
  • Death certificate
  • Affidavit on a stamp paper
  • A copy of the succession certificate
  • Receipts of up-to-date property tax payment in the case of power of attorney along with the latter’s copy
  •  An application for mutation along with a stamp affixed
  • Current as well as previous registration deeds 
  • Sale deeds
  • Affidavit on stamp paper of requisite values
  • Ration and Aadhaar cards

How to Check the Status of the Application

The step-by-step process to check the mutation application is as follows:

1: The applicant has to visit the official website of Bihar Bhumi and click on “Application Status” on the home page.

2: Now, the applicant must choose their district and their subdivision.

3: The applicant can check the application status of mutation by selecting any one of the options: Applicant Name, Case Number, or Mauja Wise.

4: Select the case number from the list. Now the applicant will be able to view the status with information related to the property. They may also take a print of the receipt if they wish to.