Beautiful flower drawing tutorial – Flower Drawings

Beautiful flower drawing

Beautiful flower drawing tutorial

The flowers undoubtedly bring a lot of color and beauty into the world. It’s hard to see a beautiful fragrant flower and smile, no smile on your face! Whether a room or a gift is brightened to a lover, it’s always a welcome view to see a pretty flower.

You can love flowers, but if you have already asked how to draw a flower, you are in the right place! At the end of this manual, pull flowers with ease. This funny and easy step-for-step guide was explicitly created to help you learn a flower in simple steps!

How to draw a flower – let’s start!

Step 1

For your first step in this guide, how to draw a flower, you can draw in a small circle. That would work perfectly if you could easily operate an almost perfect circle. However, you can also use a drawing compass for a perfect circle. You can also use a little and round, like the cap of a thick pen to draw if you do not have a train compass. For this step, you can draw this circle with a pen or a dark pencil as it is in the last picture.

Step 2: Draw in the first two petals.

Well, since you have the center of your flower drawing ideas, it’s time to draw in the first petals! For this purpose, draw two thick curved lines on the bottom and meet on a thinner point at the end. Try for this step two petals as indicated in the reference picture. It can practice a little, so maybe use a lighter pencil to draw these petals and drive in a darker pen or pencil as soon as they are satisfied with them.

Step 3 – Next, shoot two more petals

They shot in their first two petals, so they now have the suspension. It’s time to add the following two. Draw two more petals for this step exactly as they have done before the right of those you already have.

Step 4: Draw now in the next petal.

For step 4, to draw a flower, you will add to another petal at the top of the flower. This petal is a bit thinner and slightly different from others, so refer to the reference image when you have problems.

Step 5: Then add another petal.

We will add one of the latest petals to your flower drawing for step 5, just shown in another petal as shown in the reference picture. As you see, your flower drawing starts to accept!

Step 6: Add to the last petal.

They almost completed the main part of their floral drawing, so they only have to add the last petal for this step. It should be a bit thinner and be sharper than you can see in the reference picture. If you follow the guide, petals should be similar in length and width.

Step 7 – Now move in the stem and the share.

For this next step to learn how to draw a flower, there are difficult aspects so that the reference picture is very comfortable! I would also recommend using a lighter pencil for this step before passing the pass on in pen. In the beginning, pull two curved lines that extend between the two lowest petals that you can see in the picture. You should be very close to each other and participate in the end.

If you have done that, pull yourself in one of the leaves by pulling two curved lines that come out of the stalk, then push on a shape of leaves. The reference picture should be very useful for this! Once you have drawn, pull on another leaf on the other side.

Step 8 – Add the definitive details.

Her flower drawing is almost complete! For this step, we add some information to your flower drawing. To start, you can pull in the veins of the leaves with thin lines. You can refer to the reference image to get an idea of ​​how these veins have to look!

You can then add lines in the petals that extend from the center of the flower to make the petals look like the shaft bearing. Finally, you can add some small curved lines in the middle of the flower to give it a structured look. There are more small lines that you can add to additional details.

Step 9 – Fill it in some color.

Beautiful flower drawing

Well, since you have finished your beautiful floral drawing, he needs only one thing: beautiful colors! It is a step where you should leave your imagination and creativity grip. We have an example of how you can stick it, but you should use all colors you like to bring life with life! You can also experiment with various art media such as paintings, watercolors, colored pencils, and pencils for various appearances of breathtaking colors.

The flower drawing is complete!

We expect you to keep valuable time with our step-by-step instructions to learn how to draw a flower! It can be difficult to get to the right for each sign project, but it is always much easier if you break it. We are sure that you will control it in no time with this guide! Once you had the suspension, you could experiment with the design of different flowers with this guidance as a starting point. If you do that, it could help to use photos of your favorite flowers to help you.

We cannot wait to use the beautiful colors for your flower drawing! As soon as you have finished your artwork, we hope you share it on our Facebook pages and enjoy it! We always love your brilliant works, and we cannot waiMake Custom Bottle Packaging to see drawings of colorful and stunning flowers!

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