Best digital Insta 360 One R Twin Action Camera


Insta 360 One R Twin – action camera with waterproof and collapsible design

The One R Twin action camera is a new addition to 2020, equipped with a waterproof housing and a fast-working modular system. The uniqueness of the device lies in the fact that it consists of three separate modules. He quickly disassembles and connects. You can read : Action Camera Flashlight


The body is made of durable black ABS plastic. The material is not afraid of falling from a height, moisture ingress, so you can use the camera in extreme conditions. bwin  The device is disassembled into three parts:

  • The main module, which houses the control buttons, central processor, microphone.
  • The part with the camera that connects to the side.
  • Bottom plug-in battery module. It holds two main parts.

You can assemble or disassemble the case in 10 seconds. The ON R Twin model is small in size and light in weight. Its main feature is the ability to switch between a classic 4K camera, a cinematic 1-inch and a 360-degree lens. Thanks to the rotary display and optical module, the device supports video blogging function. Despite the modular design, the device can withstand immersion to a depth of 5 meters. All ports and connectors are covered with rubber plugs.

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One R Twin screen capabilities

The display is located on the back. Its diagonal is 1.4 inches. This is a sensor matrix, modes are controlled by swiping in the required directions. The display is attached to the camera module in any way. It can be used as a viewfinder for simple shooting or for recording a video blog. لعب طاولة محبوسة

Interface, shooting mode

Using the screen, the photographer can switch between modes: photo, video, timer shooting or night. After a long press on the display surface, additional settings will open in front of the user. Using the main menu and switching between modes is easy. رياضة البولو  You can use the user guide to understand the advanced settings.

The Insta 360 One R Twin shoots 4K footage at 16: 9 at 60 frames per second. If you set the aspect ratio to 4: 3, then the frequency drops to 30 fps. You can shoot 2.7K video at 100 fps or 1080p at 200 fps.

The quality of the pictures taken with the Insta 360 One R Twin

To take a shot, the photographer can use the standard mode, HDR, night or timer. During a photo session, you can add different effects: acceleration, deceleration, photo animation, camera flight around. The shots taken with the action camera are accurate and rich. Thanks to the increased viewing angle, a lot of objects fit into the frame. You can filter and sort all the footage using the dedicated Insta360 Studio application.

Additional features

The ONR Twin convertible camera has 6-axis stabilization. It allows you to shoot videos handheld, removing shake. IPX8 protection allows you to use the device in any difficult shooting conditions. The device supports microSD memory cards and is equipped with a USB Type-C interface. The gadget is supplemented with an application for video editing.

Advantage and Disadvantage


The quality of the video for 4K and 360 modules is really cool 2) The application for the mobile is constantly updated, a lot of functions, but the phone needs a powerful one with a large amount of memory 3) Camera firmware is regularly updated 4) I use it on FPV- drone and not only, I really like that for this amount the same functionality comes out as that of GoPro Max + Hero 7 | 8 5) The stabilization is cool


In Pakistan, it is impossible to find a complete list of accessories, and, most importantly, there is nowhere to buy PROTECTION! In the first month, I scratched the lens of the 360 ​​module, replacement costs 100 tanks, plus shipping to the manufacturer in China. The new module is 200 tanks, plus the manufacturer promises a discount on its purchase. They have everything thought out there)) I have not changed it, I turn the camera with a non-scratched lens towards the main frame, since the scratch is relatively small, but it is a little noticeable in the video.

In short – if something breaks, consider it lost 🙂 You need to buy a new module, and, of course, it is cheaper than the whole camera, but still very expensive. + For an aqua case, you need to buy a type-c battery, a frame and the case itself, which comes out in 150-200 tanks))) The application on the computer is not as functional as on the phone. Read blog