Afghanistan is a landlocked country arranged in the point of convergence of Asia, lined by and habitually contemplated piece of the Middle East. Credible achievements, social heritage attractions and unfathomable scenes are fundamental for Afghanistan’s appeal for tourists. People from different countries and social orders come to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, to taste the most rich and convincing Afghan cooking. Most dishes incorporate a fascinating mix of fragrant flavors and flavors. They are by and large gave meat, which is sensitive and delectable, and are typically eaten with naan (flatbread) or plain rice. Follow prozgo to investigate more delightful food.


Aushak is maybe the most renowned Afghan dish and is typically eaten during Ramadan or other Islamic festivals. Pasta dumplings are stacked down with chives, tomato puree, kofta pashan (minced meat sauce), and a while later polished off with a one of a kind yogurt sauce and dried mint leaves. There is similarly a veggie lover version; However, the fundamental recipe integrates sheep. Ashak is for the most part eaten in isolation, yet certain people like to eat it with garlic naan to work on the flavor.

Kabuli Pulao

Making Kabuli Pulao is extremely straightforward as it simply takes two or three trimmings. Due to its universality, it is known as the public dish of Afghanistan. A drowsy cooked dish similarly consolidates sheep and sheep with a meat stock called yakhni. This rice dish requires immaterial flavors and is cooked in sheep fat for added character. Later it is enlivened with raisins and ground carrots for charm. A standard dish is a piece of every single family menu and severe get-together in Afghanistan. You should likewise know what is savory food.

Afghan kebab

Afghan Kebab is advanced as maybe the best dish you will anytime taste. It is just challenging to make yet also extraordinarily delightful to eat. Kebabs are made in different ways from one side of the planet to the next, yet Afghani kebabs are amazing. Sheep expects a huge part in the trimmings, and the red bean stew powder in it flavors things up, so people by and large return for more. Afghan kebabs can be joined by other chief dishes.


Mantu is an eminent dish of Afghanistan. It is loved for its dumpling-like appearance and mouth-watering taste. Mantus is a cake concealing stacked with relieved sheep. They can be cooked in two novel ways: foamed or steamed. They are by and large polished off with yogurt and garlic to redesign the show. The best part is that you can make them as the need might arise and value them with a variety of sauces.


Korma may not be the most notable dish, yet rather an intriguing and charming dish is habitually served at family social events. It is created utilizing sheep keeping it both standard and delicious. Is similarly known for its high solid advantage. Presumably the best dish in Afghanistan, despite the way that it is similarly a piece hard to cook. In any case, it justifies continually and effort, especially when sprinkled with some recently hacked coriander leaves.

Afghan karahi

One gander at Afghani Karahi is adequate to make your mouth water. Its faultless show and brilliant smell will positively entrance you. Cooking it is a broad collaboration including meat (of any choice) as the central protein, close by a wide extent of sweet-smelling flavors and vegetables. It is also improved with recently hacked coriander leaves. Afghani Karahi is a contemporary dish and is extremely renowned. People feel a debt of gratitude considering its scent and glorious taste.


Bolani is a kind of flatbread, by and large ready or seared. Stacked up with various fillings, either a vegetable or meat mix, or you can constantly eat it with yogurt. Is by and large eaten as a side dish or starter, and is very typical at birthday festivities, responsibility get-togethers or events. Be given curd or mint curd, but an extraordinarily pre-arranged drink, doug, is the most sought after side for bolani. The phenomenal thing about this dish is that it will in general be eaten in a combination of ways: paying little heed to filling, or with a grouping of sauces.

Hafta nuts

Hafta dry natural items are essentially like a characteristic item salad yet made with seven particular kinds of dry food varieties developed from the beginning served in a novel syrup. The trimmings are raisins, sauerkraut, pistachios, hazelnuts, prunes, walnuts or almonds, and plums. This sweet and strong plate of leafy greens is one of the most renowned treats in Afghanistan on account of its high solid advantage and remarkable taste.