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Buy Now Pay Later: How Retail Business Can Take Benefits?

Need a better way of inventory control? Easy to do using the new integrated Barcode Scanner. Just scan the barcode of every product item, and keep accurate track of your stocks by entering in the quantity you have on hand. 

Merchandisers are still amazed at how making a decision on payment method changed their business. They just could not believe how swiftly and dramatically the sales rose when they implemented this essential element of retail business: Payments. Most merchants never imagine that one factor will make a big difference in sales but certainly, it does. And, probably, for two reasons!

The best buy now pay later POS is a technology that can support the payment option. It allows merchants to receive payments from customers (with debit or credit card) in small monthly instalments without incurring interest charges. The system has been a popular choice for many merchants because it’s easy and more convenient.

Going to the shops is not everyone’s idea of a good time. So when it comes to buying big-ticket items, reluctant shoppers may just give up in the face of a big, up front price tag. But what if you could avoid that sticker shock? Introducing shop now, pay later – also known as buy now, pay later (BNPL) financing. This payment method is an effective way for merchants to maximize their sales.

You Get Zero Credit Risk

The portable POS machine gives you an opportunity to expand your market and serve new customers. You can now easily offer extended payment plans to your customers who may want to pay for their purchases in installments, or those who simply do not want to carry on the credit cards. Add a new dimension of mystery to retailing and boost sales on this important but neglected margin.

It’s a Perfect Way to Increase Your Customer Base

Virtual POS services are all the rage nowadays because it permits business owners to focus more on their core competencies instead of having to invest in expensive hardware. This payment method also permits them to attract more customers due to its convenience. Also, as a small business owner, you get an extension of buyer credit line which means your store gets more opportunities for converting shoppers into paying customers.

To Boost Your Conversion Rate

BNPL is a breakthrough technology in the field of language analysis. By Natural Language Processing (NLP) of both the text and semantic domain, BNPL can extremely increase your potential on converting new leads by figuring out the buyer intent and then matching it with available product offers.

To Encourage Repeat Purchases

Below are the features of BNPL’s credit card POS system:

Fast and Efficient System   –  Interfaces with your existing hardware, regardless of make, for a seamless transaction process that is truly efficient.

To Encourage Impulse Buying Nowadays, it is not unusual to see customers who have the intention of buying a product but are short on cash. They go home and think about it; they might even ask someone for advice before making their purchasing decision. More often than not, they will still make a purchase in the end. This means having BNPL services opens up an avenue for increased sales and profit.


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