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Can a Vaccine Protect You from Catching Covid-19?

Vaccination has come so you can be relaxed, right? This is where you are seriously mistaken. Vaccination is still in the trial phase. First of all, it has to cover a long journey to be available on all drug shelves. And secondly, new variants of Covid-19 is overwhelming even strong immunity.

New variants of the virus are rapidly increasing tension that has called the effectiveness of the vaccine into question. Many people are sceptical about it: they think it does not provide them with a shield against the virus.

It does not make sense to get vaccinated if you catch the virus. If you think or you have ever heard that you will get 100% protection against the virus after vaccination, you are wrong. Experts have no evidence that proves any of the vaccines can keep you from transmitting Covid-19 infection.

In fact, medical experts have noticed many people caching the virus even after the doses of vaccination. It can strengthen your immunity to fight off the infection when your immune system finds the virus in your body.

You may have mild symptoms, but it will be a lie to say that you can stop yourself from being infected. To understand how vaccination is effective, you need to understand immunity.

There are two types of immunity.

When you are vaccinated, you can achieve two types of immunity – effective and sterilisation. The former is one that can prevent the pathogen from causing illness. However, it cannot stop them from entering your body.

The pathogen can enter your body and make copies of itself, and then the vaccination will stop them from causing serious damage. The latter can fend off the infection completely, even in asymptomatic patients.

It has been the goal of all vaccination making companies, but neither of the vaccines has achieved it. It means if you think that you can completely cut back on the transmission with vaccine doses, you are sadly wrong.

Several vaccines are out there in the entire globe: some of them have reduced the chance of transmission by 90%, but some of them can still allow the bacteria to dwell in your body. The virus can stay at the back of your nose and throat and increase the risk of transmission when you sneeze and cough.  

Which type of immunity will you get from the vaccine?

There is no answer to this question. Medical experts have no clue which immunity people will likely get after the vaccination. Effective immunity works with a combination of B and T cells and antibodies. However, sterilisation immunity emphasises only antibodies.

It defends the virus from attacking your body by tracing its presence and sticking to its outer surface and prevent them from spreading infection or destroy the cell s and tissues around the nose, throat, lungs, etc.

Antibodies bind to the spike of the virus to enter it to kill it. A vaccine can achieve sterilisation immunity only when it develops more and more antibodies to detect the presence of a tiny particle of the virus.

You cannot stop reinfection.

Scientists know that the antibodies that you develop after infection with Covid-19 do not prevent you from being infected again.

A study has revealed that if your body has already developed antibodies to fight off the infection the first time, you will be less likely to catch it a second time than those who are asymptomatic.

However, you can transmit the infection even if you are asymptomatic. Many medical experts think it can be extremely hard for a vaccine to deal with such a virus.

One theory states that some vaccines can likely reduce transmission even if they cannot kill it. They are likely to weaken the strength of the virus to make people less ill. Such vaccines will likely stop the virus from replicating, but this is a plain theory. There is no evidence.

It is hard to prove it prevents transmission.

Although vaccinations have proved to have no side effects and safe for young adults to treat Covid-19 infection, clinical trials are not checking whether it is actually reducing the transmission. At this moment, scientists have a focus on containing the spread of the virus.

All of a sudden outbreak of the virus has shattered the entire globe. It is not easy to straightway say that the vaccine reduces the infection rate because there is another factor playing the role – lockdown.

Unless the vaccination comes on drug shelves, you cannot take your life easily. The threat lingers in the air, and it can attack you at any time. Therefore, it is important to prevent yourself from going out. The more you expose to the crowd, the more you will catch the infection.

Many people have already medical conditions and relying on loans to fund them. To worse, some of them have lost their jobs and funding their needs with quick loans for the unemployed.

When there are already many problems, you should try to protect yourself as much as possible. Staying safe at home is extremely important now, although vaccination is on a trial phase.

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