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Celebrate a 25th Wedding Anniversary with These Party Ideas

25 years of knowing each other, 25 years of standing by each other’s sides, 25 years of love and respect, 25 years of trust and 25 years of friendship. And forever to go! 25th anniversaries or the silver jubilee anniversaries are indeed a very special life milestone for every couple, who are deeply and madly in love with each other. Through the thicks and thins of one’s life, all those couples who chose to embrace each other’s flaws and adjust with each other, are the ones who have built a beautiful home for themselves and their kids. So it goes even without saying how special the anniversary celebration should be on completion of 25 years. This is why to help you make your 25th anniversary celebrations count, we are here with some amazing party ideas to commemorate such a special occasion. Take some cues and start your party planning, right away!

  1. Anniversary Picnic – Coming close to nature always seems to be a major hit for anniversary celebrations. If you are wanting to surprise your spouse in the most heartwarming way, then you can choose to celebrate it as a picnic wherein you invite all those close friends and family who make you and your partner feel at home. Make some arrangements for snacks and drinks to keep your well-wishers attending this party entertained. Fix a venue for the picnic and as soon as it has been finalised make sure to keep your list of invitees posted so that they can clear up their schedule and make time for your picnic party celebrations.
  1. Silver themed party – People often opt for some cheesy romantic theme for their anniversary party. But why not go with a silver themed anniversary party to surprise your spouse. The shiny yet whimsically elegant way of turning every aspect of the party to the colour silver can do wonders for you on your special day. From decorations to anniversary cake that you can order from a bakery which would extend its online cake delivery in Kochi or wherever you and your partner happily abode. 
  1. Retro style party – Anniversaries are filled with nostalgia and all the good happy memories which is why a retro themed party would be a fine way of anniversary celebration. It would be nice to have a party song retro playlist to tap your guests and partner’s feet to. Additionally, you can ask everyone to dress up as their favourite retro character from some movies. It is sure to make one and all happy and memorable to commemorate your 25th anniversary. 
  1. Poker party – No other game could make your 25th anniversary celebrations as special as a night full of poker fights. Poker is a fun, engaging card game which is sure to leave your partner and guests impressed, if they know how to play. Give them a Las Vegas-like feel on your anniversary as you set the poker table, put in an electric soundtrack and set your mood to gamble your money away.
  2. Favorite Cuisine Celebration – If you wish to make your 25th anniversary a low-key yet a very fulfilling one, then opt for this way! Cook or get your favourite courses from your favorite cuisine to celebrate your anniversary over with. You can opt for Italian cuisine and prepare some kind of pasta, pizza. For the Chinese cuisine, you can opt for hakka noodles, chilly chicken and other such courses. One of the other cuisines which seem to be trending is the Japanese cuisine for its wide variety of Sushi menu to offer. You can pick any of these foreign cuisines to spice up your special 25th anniversary celebrations.

BBQ n Booze Party – One has to call for drinks as the 25th anniversary is a huge occasion which needs to be celebrated. So to accompany the booze in your party, set up a BBQ machine in your backyard to kick start your anniversary party. It would be a crowd pleaser when your partner and other people find out you threw a kick-ass party bringing the two best things together – BBQ and booze. Everyone is sure to have a gala time which would surely make your partner happy which in turn will make you happy too.


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Celebrate a 25th Wedding Anniversary with These Party Ideas

25 years of knowing each other, 25 years of standing by each other’s sides, 25 years of love and respect, 25 years...

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