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Checklist For Your Car Maintenance

The thrill of buying a new car is unrivaled; however, if you do not maintain and give it proper care, it will soon break down. Nobody wants an expensive emergency repair and a huge bill later; therefore, annual maintenance is the key to maximize your vehicle’s efficiency. If you are wondering what to be careful about when going for car maintenance, here is a checklist that helps you look after every car component.

While it should be done with professional help, there are some things that you could do on your own, even being an amateur. The checklist makes sure all the maintenance bases are looked into so that your car goes on for a long time without any hiccups on the way.

Make Sure You Do Not Overlook Your Engine Oil Inspection 

This might seem negligible; however, maintaining a proper engine oil level is a necessity that helps in consuming less fuel yet helps the car function properly. Not every car is the same, or the engine is the same; therefore, the level of recommended engine oil would differ. There is a ‘min’ and ‘max’ marking available that helps you figure out when you should refill.

There are two types of engine oil you would come across

  • Synthetic man-made ones
  • Regular or synthetic blend. 

The engine oil you use will depend on your car model and the engine viscosity. During Car Repair Northampton, you could go for an engine refill with a professional if you are not sure enough on how to do it. You could always make use of the dipstick and, if the oil seems muddy, dark brown, it is time to replace it. 

Check Your Tyre Sidewall And Pressure 

Your tyres help you establish the only contact with the surface, therefore be careful with your tyres and maintain tyre pressure, alignment, and tread depth. Check for any bulges or blisters or if the tyres are not properly balanced. Avoiding tyre condition could lead to big issues resulting in accidents. 

Also, quality tyres ensure that your car can grip the road and provide increased traction. Usually, tyres can last 6-8 years and with good care, even a decade; however, be aware of the early warning signs.

Your Air Conditioning Unit Should Be Cleaned Before Summer

Your car comes with two major filters, which help in protecting your car engine and also maintains air quality within the cabin. The engine cabin helps by filtering any dust particle or debris and the other way round. The cabin filter keeps away any small particles that the HVAC system could not filter out successfully so that you could breathe fresh air.

These two filters, including the vents, should be properly cleaned as dirt and debris get stuck there. This could eventually lead to the growth of mould and clogged air filters which cannot perform efficiently. If your cabin smells odd and musty, you must clean the air filters or replace them during car repair Northampton.

Seek Professional Help To Check Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are a necessity when it comes to running your engine successfully; if there is any kind of buildup, it could affect the engine performance. The car manual will have adequate information on checklists and when the spark plugs should be changed. However, there are certain situations where you might have to replace them sooner, like:

  • Having problems while trying to accelerate. 
  • Problem while trying to start the engine.
  • More fuel consumption. 

You could either go for the copper or the iridium ones; however, iridium plugs are much more expensive. Your professional can help you with either cleaning or replacing them. 

Therefore, this is what constitutes a basic checklist to help your car run optimally. Other things you should focus on would be the battery, the suspension, the windshield, fog and rear lights, indicators, wipers. Choose the right professional who can help you solve any issue your car might be facing. 


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