Attachment to make-up is part of the delicate nature of gender. She uses makeup and jewelry to look beautiful. Jewelry may be different in different parts of the world, but the desire to look good and look good is the same for all women. There are different types of jewelry. In addition to silver and gold

Jewelry with diamonds, rubies, rubies or emeralds is also very popular among women, but not everyone can afford to wear them. In addition to gold jewelry, the trend of artificial jewelry has become very popular nowadays. At weddings and other ceremonies, women usually wear artificial jewelry online.

Jewelry should be avoided at all times. It makes them glow. Earrings, necklaces and rings are often worn by women day and night. Jewelry should be taken off before going to bed, washing dishes and doing tasks that involve a lot of hands.

While bathing and swimming, must put off jewelry. Water affects their beauty and radiance. If the water is salty, the gold ornaments also turn black. It is important to set aside space to keep jewelry safe. Many of us women take off our precious rings, necklaces and earrings at work and forget about them. And then there are the hula hoops. Therefore, it is better to keep a small box for such light and all-day use jewelry in a specific place in a room of the house and keep your jewelry safe in it while working.

Jewelry needs to be protected and kept clean for a long time. Cleaning jewelry is not a difficult task.

You can brighten them up with a few kitchen utensils.

* Ammonia: Some people think that ammonia can only be used to clean the floor in the house, but surprisingly ammonia is an important compound for cleaning diamond jewelry. To clean this jewelry, add three-quarters of a cup of ammonia to a cup of water and place the jewelry in it for fifteen minutes. Then remove the jewelry and clean it with a soft brush. Then wash with cold water and dry with a soft cloth.

* White vinegar: White vinegar found in almost every home is one of the many items used for cleaning. But you may not be aware that white vinegar can be used to polish all kinds of jewelry, be it gold or gemstones. Remember that no vinegar other than white vinegar should be used for cleaning jewelry. The way to do this is to put enough white vinegar in a large bowl so that the jewelry sinks in it. After ten to fifteen minutes, take out the jewelry, clean it with a brush, wash it with plain water and dry it.

* Toothpaste: There is nothing better than toothpaste to restore the shine of old jewelry. The biggest advantage of this is that you can use it at any time. Add an inch of toothpaste to a tablespoon of warm water to make a thin mixture. Then lightly rub the mixture on the jewelry with the help of soft cotton cloth or brush. Do this for at least ten minutes and then rinse with clean water.

* Desprin: Surprisingly, desprin contains ingredients that make your jewelry shiny and brand new. Dissolve two tablets of desprin in a glass of lukewarm water. Now put jewelry in it. Disperin bubbles will make them shine. After ten minutes, remove and dry with a soft cloth.

* Aluminum foil: While it has many other benefits, one of the major benefits is also useful in cleaning jewelry. This is an excellent household item, especially for cleaning silver jewelry. The method is to cut a square piece of aluminum foil and spread the jewelry on it. Now sprinkle a little baking powder on each ornament. In the next step, pour warm water on the jewelry and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. Then scrub with a soft brush and rinse with plain water and dry with a cloth. Old and black silver jewelry will be brand new.

* Dish detergent and soap: It is also possible to clean jewelry. Pearl and stone jewelry in particular are better cleaned. Add three to four drops of dish detergent to two cups of warm water and immediately put your jewelry in it and rub with a soft cloth. Then wash with clean water and dry with a cloth. Note that it is important to air-dry the washed jewelry before storing it.