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Detailed Guide On Summer, Winter and All-Season Tyres

Tyres might look the same throughout the year, but different seasonal tyres offer you an optimum driving experience. Tyres are your safety components when driving a vehicle and the only link with the road. Ensuring your tyres are in top condition is crucial to avoid any unwanted situation.

Tyres differ and, the most common ones would be the summer and winter and the all-season tyres. They each come with their characteristics- rubber quality, pattern, tread depth, each serves to protect you and your car. For detailed guidance, here is everything you need to know.

Everything To Know About Summer Tyres

Summer 4×4 tyres Lincoln differs completely from winter tyres, and, as the term would suggest, it is completely meant for the warm season. It offers optimum grip while driving or riding and ensures you have total control. The tread depth of summer tyres is different from a winter one as it contains a wide and a continuous centre line. This channel helps maintain the tyre’s stability; the parallel grooves help curb hydroplaning during the monsoon.

The outer area of the tyre comes with a lot more surface area so that it could grip the road firmly. This helps while you are taking a sharp turn or cornering because the tread depth of summer tyres is shallower. With a shallower tread depth, you get better responsiveness from your steering wheels even while driving on the roughest roads.

Summer tyres come with a tyre composition that works best at temperatures higher than 40-degree Fahrenheit. The stickier components present ensures that the tyres do not skid even while applying the emergency brake. Winter tyres are often considered the softest, and summer tyres during winter turn hard, therefore, losing traction. This can lead to accidents by skidding and slipping if not being careful.

Everything To Know About Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are a boon for people living and driving in extremely cold conditions. The rubber composition for winter tyres makes it a lot softer ensuring better grip, keeping it pliable.

Winter tyres are an excellent choice for cold climate and, here is why:

  • Winter tyres come with higher tread depth, ensuring the snow could be trapped because snow-snow traction is beneficial. This offers better grip and control during rapid braking.
  • There are minor cuts present on the tyre tread depth. Winter tyres require objects to hold on to so they do not slide. The cuts act as edges to which the irregularities could get stuck, offering optimum lateral grip.
  • While many car tyres Lincoln do not come with studs as it is not necessary, it still is a benefit to have them. They hold onto the ice offering better traction, ensuring it does not skid.

All-Season Tyres- Are They Similar?

All-season tyres are meant for climates that enjoy all seasons at a milder rate. All-season tyres are versatile and can handle different seasons and road conditions, offering a smooth ride. While they cannot handle the harshness of both winter and summer but work optimally at mild temperatures, they come with characteristics of both summer and winter tyres.

Like that of summer tyres, the tread depth is designed to offer better corner grips. There are sipes present along the tyre edges to help drive against the snow and offer traction. The grooves present ensures you can avoid hydroplaning while driving.

For individuals living in an area that comes with extreme climate- summer and winter, investing in both sets of tyres would help maintain the vehicle and your safety. If you live in the tropics with milder variations, all-season tyres will be a great choice. When the temperature starts regularly decreasing, switch to winter tyres and do the opposite when it warms up. Keep up with your tyre maintenance as they are your key to safety while driving, even during extreme conditions.


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