Dlink WiFi Extender Won’t Connect to Router?


Dlink WiFi extender won’t connect to router is one of the most common issues faced by users across the globe. If you are also sailing in the same boat, then we have a rescue plan for you. In this article, we will guide you on how to fix dlink WiFi extender won’t connect to router issue on the fly. Let’s get the ball rolling!

On the off chance if your dlink WiFi extender won’t connect to router, then it might be because of a number of reasons. A few of them are listed below:

  • The connection between your dlink WiFi extender and router is not stable.

  • Your dlink WiFi extender is not receiving an uninterrupted and steady power supply from the wall socket.

  • The distance between your router and the dlink WiFi extender is too much.

  • Dlink WiFi extender WiFi signals are getting interrupted.

  • The firmware of your dlink WiFi extender is corrupted or outdated.

  • Technical issues may also prevent you from connecting your dlink WiFi extender to router.

  • Your dlink WiFi extender hardware is damaged.

Now that you are well aware of the reasons why your dlink WiFi extender won’t connect to router, follow the fixes highlighted below in order to get rid of the issue. Keep reading!

Fixed: D Link Won’t Connect to Router

Relocate the Extender

To get the most out of your D Link WiFi extender, we suggest you place your extender keeping the below-mentioned points into consideration:

  • Ensure to place the Dlink WiFi extender in reach of your router.

  • Do not place the D Link device in corners.

  • Avoid keeping the extender inside a cabinet.

  • Better if the dlink WiFi extender is placed on a higher and center-most area in your home.

Once you are done with the placement process, try to connect your Dlink WiFi extender to the router again. To check the connection between the same, try to access dlinkap.local on a desktop or laptop. Is your Dlink WiFi extender now connected to router? Do share it with us via comments.

Keep Signal Interference at Bay

While placing your Dlink WiFi extender and router, we suggest you:

  • Avoid placing them near windows.

  • Place your Dlink WiFi extender in an area where it is getting least WiFi signal interference from obstructions like baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, and other networking devices in your home. Besides, to make the most out of your dlink WiFi extender, it is suggested you place it away from concrete walls, roofs, lower surface, etc.

Verify the Ethernet Connection

Make sure that the Ethernet cable that you have used to connect your dlink WiFi extender and router isn’t worn out or damaged. Apart from this, ensure that the cable connection you have made between your dlink WiFi extender and router is secure, accurate, and finger-tight.

Power Cycle the Extender

Yes, you read it right! Power cycle or simple restart of the dlink WiFi extender can help you out in fixing many big technical glitches. So, in order to prevent dlink WiFi extender won’t connect to router issue, power cycle or restart it once.

To initiate the process, follow the instructions outlined underneath:

  • First of all, disconnect all the devices that are connected to dlink WiFi extender.

  • Once you’re done, unplug your dlink WiFi extender from the wall socket and wait for a few minutes.

  • Then, plug in the dlink WiFi extender again.

  • Wait for the dlink WiFi extender power LED to become stable.

  • Now, try to connect the dlink WiFi extender to your router again and see if the power cycling process helped you out in fixing the issue.

Still getting dlink WiFi extender won’t connect to internet issue? If so, chances are there is an issue with your existing router. Either it is outdated or not compatible with your dlink WiFi extender. To make things working, we suggest you add a dlink router to the extender. Before adding D link router to extender, you first need to configure it using dlinkrouter.local web address.

Here’s to hope that the tips listed in this article helped you out in fixing dlink WiFi extender won’t connect to router issue? In case of any doubt, feel free to drop us a line into the comments section.