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A guide to bedding: Know what differentiates a dohar from a comforter and which one should you opt for your bedroom and sleep requirements. Read more

Dohar Or Comforter: Which One Is Ideal For Your Bedroom?

Buying bedding or bedding set is never an easy decision. Once you start looking online, you will be spoilt for choice between a host of dohars available online, comforters, as well as a wide range of blankets online. However, with too little technical information out there about what distinguishes a dohar from a blanket, a dohar from a comforter, and a comforter from a blanket, it can be overwhelming to arrive at any decision. Here is a comprehensive guide to understanding what distinguishes a dohar from a comforter and which one should you opt for basis your bedroom and sleep requirements.

What is a dohar

First of all, let us understand what is a dohar before you look up for dohar online. it is a sleek bedding made by stitching two cotton sheets together, with usually a cotton or flannel layer in between the two sheets for additional warmth. It may or may not be quilted. Traditionally, the dohar has been a summer blanket. It is ideal for when the cool night winds blow and you need a little more than a cotton sheet to keep your warm but not something as padded as a full-fledged quilt. However, in today’s context, it serves as an ideal bedding throughout the year when you have turned on the A.C. and the temperature is a cool 21 to 24 degrees Celsius. Hence, you may find a lot of online dohars being labelled as A.C. quilts or blankets.

What is a comforter

A comforter is also a type of quilt, but one that is ideal for slightly more cooler temperatures or even winters. It varies in thickness depending on the make and is filled with different kinds of stuffing for insulation depending on the brand and manufacturer – wool, silk, microfibre, etc. The term comforter has been made popular in India owing to its usage in the U.S.

Similarities between a dohar and a comforter

Here are somethings to keep in mind while comparing dohar and comforters online. Both, dohar and comforters involve stitching two sheets together and stuffing the bedding with an additional layer to provide warmth. While comforters are sold standalone as well as part of bed in a bag with matching pillow cases and bedsheets, dohars too are sold as part of sets (including pillow covers and matching bedsheets).

Both, a dohar and a comforter can be spread over a bedsheet and simply tucked when it’s time to sleep. Most dohars and comforters can be laundered by hand or in a washing machine. However, depending on your comforter’s thickness, it may require an exclusive cycle and may take a while to dry in damp or cloudy weather. If you are looking for a double bed dohar or comforter online, remember that you can get both of them in single and double-bed sizes, as well as those for kids’ beds.

Differences between a dohar and a comforter

A dohar is mostly filled with cotton or flannel at the most and its insulation is a lot lighter as compared to that of a comforter. If you are a frequent traveller and prefer carrying our own bedding, remember that a dohar will occupy a lot less space in your bag as opposed to a comforter. The same goes for storage space in case you plan to keep it tucked away during daytime or for an entire season. Lastly, if you choose to display them on your bed, a dohar will give your bedroom a sleek appeal while a comforter will make it seem extremely cozy.

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