Effective DIYs on how to clean mobile screen

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Gone are the days when having a mobile was a luxury. We live in the age of technology and mobile phones have become a necessity for people worldwide. Moreover, the options available in the category are so diverse and huge that anyone can fall easy prey to technology and want to own a cellphone. But just owning a mobile is not enough because the gadget does require maintenance for its longevity. Let us read here about the effective tips on how to clean mobile screens.

The screen of the mobile allows you to see everything; from numbers that you wish to dial to surfing information on the internet. So, if you do not take care of the mobile screen; it can become blurry. The reasons for the screen to lose its sheen can be varied. Topping the chart is the inefficiency of the users to clean it in a proper way. Using a damp cloth to clean the mobile screen is actually one of the biggest harm that you may end up doing to your gadget’s screen.

Several ways of cleaning the device screen have been advocated by the mobile manufacturing giants like Samsung and Apple too. So, it is better to stick to the norms given by them because no one can guide you better than the manufacturer themselves.

This article will guide you through the effective steps to clean the mobile screen. These are simple to follow and can give a long life to your mobile screen. The mobile with a scratchless screen always looks as good as new. Simple steps are required to get the best results:

  • Turn off the device

First and foremost, turn-off your device to start the process of cleaning its screen. Also, it should be away from the charging plug to avoid any short circuit. If your cellphone is wrapped in a cover or case, remove that too. You can clean the case also to allow the phone to be in a good environment even when it is inside the case.

  • Lint-free microfiber cloth

Not just any cloth but a lint-free microfiber cloth is highly recommended for cleaning the mobile screen. You can easily spot such a cloth in the eyeglass/sunglass stores. If you wear glasses, then you may easily find it at your disposal. Wipe in one direction as it allows spotless cleaning of the screen.

Warning: We are tempted to use tissue paper or any other clean cloth for cleaning the mobile screen but please suppress this urge because such an act can leave a residue on the screen. It can also cause scratches on the mobile screen.

  • Use a spray

You can easily find a sanitiser that contains 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol during the pandemic. You can also use warm soapy water to a little quantity on the screen and wipe it with the microfiber cloth from top to bottom.

Warning: Be very careful while doing this act and ensure that the contents do not come in contact with the charging or headphone points. It should enter these points at all. Even if the phone is a waterproof one, do not get tempted to submerge it or allow the droplets of the fluid to enter the ports.

  • Use isopropyl alcohol wipes

Wipes having 70% isopropyl alcohol are easily available in the stores. You can use such wipes for cleaning the mobile screen.

  • Use distilled water

Another good option to clean your mobile screen is distilled water. Just dip one end of the microfiber cloth in distilled water and wipe it on the screen. Do not get tempted to dip the entire cloth in distilled water because wet cloth is not an ideal solution to clean the mobile screen.

However, it is also desirable to discuss a few tips that can give longevity to your mobile screen:

  1. Use a screen protector. The screen shield is easily available in the market in various options as per the make and model of the phones. You can buy the one that has been designed for your mobile phone and install the same on the screen to prevent it from scratching and cracking.
  2. It is better to wrap or cover the phone in a phone case. This allows a protective layer to the device and it is prevented when it falls accidentally. Though you have to clean the case at regular intervals to ensure that the phone is always in mint condition.
  3. While cleaning the mobile phone screen, ensure that you touch the screen with utmost care. Your touch should be light and soft. If you press too hard, your purpose of cleaning the phone will be lost because you may end up damaging the screen.

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Final Words:

Only using a device is not the right way to own a gadget. You have to maintain it. You have to clean it to ensure its longevity. Even if you are the type who loves to change the device frequently; still it is advisable to maintain its condition so that you get a good value when you plan to replace it with a new one. 

If you are a regular visitor to the online library of content, then watch tutorial videos to get the best and latest information on how to clean the mobile screen.

Such videos and content not only advocate the DOs and DONTs but also provide the best information about ideal use of the product. Follow the advice that is available to ensure a seamless experience.

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