Employment Verification Process: The Crystal Screening

Employment Verification Process
Employment Verification Process

Knowing your employee verification is just as important as knowing their skills and potential. In this volatile business environment, the last thing you want to do is recruit an incompetent candidate for your organisation.

Resume forgery is fairly widespread in today’s job market. 53% of all job applications contain fraudulent information.

Applicants often misrepresent their wrk experience and job titles to appear more qualified. Employers are often misled by this incorrect information and fall into the trap. Such candidates can be harmful to a company. Their limitations might impede the company’s overall progression.

The Importance of Employee Verification

Candidates commit resume fraud in various ways while applying for jobs, such as lying about their experience, credentials, or education, exaggerating responsibilities and tasks or management experience, or omitting data like their reason for leaving a previous position. Verifying the candidate’s education and work background is the only surefire approach to safeguard your company from fraud.

Still unsure about employee verification? Here are some things to think about:

Businesses hire people who are assigned important tasks.

A wrong recruit can cost the business a lot of money. Some of the most typical ways are: 

  • less productivity
  • work compromised in terms of quality
  • employee morale significantly impacted 
  • loss of time while recruiting and training a new employee
  • cost of hiring and training a new employee

If employees having access to money, financial records, or secured information turn out to be dishonest, they might cause significant complications. 

The employer is fully responsible for recruiting the right person. Most companies do a work history verification to check the authenticity of professional experience claims. الخيارات الثنائية Read along to know why it’s important for employers to see the background of their prospective recruits.

  • Work Experience

Verifying the applicant’s employment at the companies listed on the résumé is necessary. Many candidates falsify their job experience to get a higher wage offer; running an employment history check will help you spot any gaps.

  • Job Title Held

Job – seekers usually alter their previous job profiles or titles. Since the applicant’s profile establishes the individual’s area of expertise, employers must know appropriate facts. 

  • Job Responsibilities

Determining the specific job responsibilities carried out by the candidate during his previous employment can be known through background verification. Most candidates find it simple to boost their job duties. Employers should concentrate on the applicant’s job duties at each business where he has worked.

  • Work Tenure

It’s helpful to know how long applicants have worked at each organisation since it reflects their dependability. A job-history check helps determine the amount of time the candidate has spent with each of his former employers. 

  • Reason For Resignation

Not every applicant will be honest about their exit, but employers should know the reasons. Employment verification clarifies this and lets you know if the candidate resigned or was dismissed from his former job. 

So, What Should Be Included in Background Check for Employees?

Criminal Background Check: This is one of the most important aspects to consider. On this day of deception, it’s better to be safe than sorry. جنية اون لاين This would protect you, your business, and your employees against various hazards and misfortunes. 

Qualification Verification: Forgery in qualification details are a prevalent and unethical activity. Fictitious diplomas and certificates also appear to pose as well-qualified. 

Identity Verification: This should be a significant concern during the hiring process. Looks can be deceitful – so don’t trust blindly. Candidates’ identities must be verified from authentic sources. 

A background check on family, permanent address, a health check and criminal background check are all vital as they indicate the candidates’ mental and physical competence to carry out work.


Organisations face the immediate costs of a wrong recruit and the long-term ramifications of a disrupted work environment, hefty lawsuits, talent loss, and, ultimately, the impact on revenues. 

Everyone makes mistakes, but these avoidable errors should not be repeated. Actually, according to CareerBuilder, 75% of employers admit to hiring the wrong candidate. Employee verification can help you avoid costly mistakes and enhance the efficiency of your hiring process.

In an ideal world, it would be usual to trust a job applicant only based on their resume. المربع الذهبي لليورو But, doesn’t the real world work differently?

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