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Everything You Need To Know About Harmonic Filter For Power Quality!

Harmonic Distortion

When Power is distributed through the main source to a different network, there are high chances that harmonic current can generate. The frequency of the harmonic current is way higher than the fundamental frequency which causes due to non-linear loads which are responsible for the generation of voltage and current harmonics in the system. These harmonic currents cause the distortion effect which creates problems like higher heating losses, equipment failure, disturbance in power services, and even cause a fire in extreme situations. To get rid of these problems there is a technology known as Harmonic Distortion that can control the harmonic current coming through the power distribution network. These Filters are processed by using the technology of frequency conversion which helps in improving the Power Quality of the system. There are few different kinds of techniques for Harmonic Filers.

  1. Active Filter Systems, are employed by Power electronic, which is attached with non-linear load in series or parallel to avoid any kind of distortion.
  2. The passive Filter system is consists of reactors and capacitors in the series circuit which resist the harmonic current to flow freely in the system and cause damages.
  3. Hybrid Filter System is a combination of Active filter and passive filter which helps in providing high performance in the power system to avoid any kind of issues.

There are many benefits of having Harmonic Filters in your power system to protect it from the harmonic current.

Power Quality

Benefits of Harmonic Distortion

  1. Improves Power flow- With the installation of harmonic filters in the power system helps in improves the power quality that improves power flow without any disturbance in the current. For different power system, there are different kinds of the filter according to requirement.
  2. Energy-efficient- when the current flow in the system is not distorted and providing a regular flow of current without causing any heating problem then your system will be energy sufficient and Harmonic Filters provides you that current flow by maintaining it.
  3. Low maintenance cost- Once you have installed the filter in your power system there is no requirement for regular system maintenance which can cause you lots of costs in long term. A harmonic filter system protects the system from equipment failure, heating losses, and disturbance in the power system which helps in avoiding regular maintenance.
  4. Keep system safe- Harmonic filters in power system not just only improve power quality but also save the system by protecting it from damages, disturbance, power failure, or fire. It provides security to the system and people who are engaged with these services.

Having Safety Is Must!

To avoid power system damage, short circuits in your house due to high heat, equipment damages, or extreme case fire, just install the harmonic filter in your power system to save your house from a hazardous situation. Having such a filter system which saves your maintenance cost, energy-efficient, and improves the power quality of the system.

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