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Everything you need to Know About No-Confidence Motion

Heard recently about No-confidence or No-trust vote in Pakistan Parliament. Well! It is in the News, wants to know its meaning and why major news portals are covering No-Confidence Motion.

In democratic countries, governments are creat by public votes. Once any political party gets a majority of votes, they form its government to rule the nation.

Rule the entire nation is not simple; any political party that wins a national election needs to maintain the majority throughout its ruling term.

What is a No-confidence motion? 

A political party needs to win a majority of seats to get into power and remain or rule the nation throughout its term; they need to maintain the majority’s support.

The ruling party needs to prove its strength in a floor test to remain in power. Which is taken to know the legislature’s confidence in government.

Any member of parliament can move a no-confidence motion vote if he/she thinks that the ruling party lacks a majority.

The member initiating a no-confidence motion does not require to give the reason for the same. If that motion start in the parliament, the ruling party would be requir to prove its majority to remain in power.

What is the process?

Any opposition member in Lok Sabha can move a no-confidence motion; Rajya Sabha members cannot initiate this process. 

The process for moving a no-confidence motion is specific by Rule 198 of the Rules of Procedure and conduct of Lok Sabha.

The member who initiates the process must submit a written notice of the motion to the Speaker before 10 am, which will be read out by the Speaker in the parliament.

If a motion is submitted after 10 am, it is deem  as receive on the next day when the house sits.

To get the motion-activate, the support/acceptance of a minimum of 50 members of the parliament would be require. The Speaker will announce the date for the discussion of the motion. Which shall fall within 10 days from the date of motion acceptance.

If not, then the motion will not occur, and the member who initiate the process will be informed of the same.

In case all the requirements are fulfill, and a motion takes place, then the current government would be required to prove its majority. If failed, then the government has to resign on the same date.

No-confidence vote in Pakistan 

According to the constitution of Pakistan. A Prime Minister is elected through a majority of the Lower House of Pakistan’s National Assembly.

In total, 342 members are there in the house. To become Prime Minister of Pakistan, an eligible candidate shall receive 172 votes from legislators.

The No-confidence motion means the same in both countries, i.e., India and Pakistan.

In Pakistan, 172 votes from legislators are required to become a Prime Minister. The exact number of people need to vote against the current government to demolish their rule.

A vote of fewer than 172 votes can save the government from a knock-out.

Why is it in the News?

Recently, the opposition groups in Pakistan filed a No-confidence vote motion against Imran Khan. They successfully manage to fulfill all the requirements.

In response, Imran Khan needs the Prime Minister’s post. Shehbaz Sharif became the 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan on 11th April 2022.

Because of this Political activity, major news channels are covering this topic.

How a No-Confidence Motion Can Bring Down a Government

No-Confidence Motions have their origins in the founding of the Lok Sabha in 1952. In the first ‘No-Confidence Motion’ against a government, Acharya JB Kripalani garnered 62 votes in favor, compared to 347 against. While this method is not always effective, it has been used to bring down the government in several cases. Learn about the process in this article.

In Pakistan, a no-confidence motion was introduced after the ruling party refused to accept the results of the trust vote mandated by the Supreme Court. This motion lasted for several hours, forcing the parliament to adjourn for two hours. It succeeded by garnering the support of 174 MPs, with just four members of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party present for the vote. Despite the lengthy speeches of its members, Shahbaz reportedly presented the option of a no-confidence motion to the MQM-P party.

General election

A no-confidence motion can trigger a general election. A majority of MPs must vote in favour of it. If the motion passes, the new prime minister can call for an election right away or wait until 2023. If no candidate can secure a majority of votes, the assembly will dissolve. The government cannot rely on a no-confidence motion as it lacks majority seats in the House of Commons. The government will have 14 days to win back the confidence of its MPs. If it fails to do so, the opposition party can form an alternative government.

A No-Confidence Motion is a serious and dangerous process. If successful, the vote against the Prime Minister could have devastating consequences for the government. The House of Representatives would no longer be able to support him, and the Ministry would have to step down or be remov. The Prime Minister could even advise a dissolution of parliament. However, it is unclear whether the dissidents in his party would vote with the opposition, according to de Silva.

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