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A Brief Guide about Experiential Learning at Kidzania

The learning and development of children is one of the greatest concerns of parents across the globe. Some children are curious by nature and keep asking millions of questions about everything, which boosts their learning process, while others are quiet and do not ask many questions. Parents are often too worried about how they will adjust to society. Their answer lies in promoting experiential learning among children.

What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning, as the name suggests, is learning based on observation and experience instead of books, and lectures etc. this type of learning does not only promote learning but also helps the children explore life from the perspective of adults. Kidzania in the UAE is one of the best facilities that meet all the requirements of promoting experiential learning among kids.

Dig deeper into this article to explore a brief guide about experiential learning at Kidzania.

Top 7 Experiential Learning Areas Children Explore at Kidzania

There is too much to learn, explore, utilize and analyze in the world. On the other hand, the mind of young children is like a blank board. They need to grasp as much as they can to formulate their perspectives in life and transition to the adult stages smoothly. It is quite important that they learn the good, as well as known to distinguish it from the bad. Kidzania is a facility that helps in such learning.

Here are the top experiential learning areas children can explore at Kidzania.

1. Working of a City

Understanding the working of a city is too complex for the young minds; however, Kidzania has made it quite easy and simplified. Kidzania is actually a city of children, and for children, which is also managed by them. So, it provides a perfect picture of the working of a city and helps them explore the details easily. Most parents buy Kidzania Dubai tickets online and help their children get citizenship and explore the working of this children’s city.

2. Financial Management

Financial management is one of the trickiest learning areas, which is essential to master, but complex at the same time. However, at Kidzania, children take over numerous financial management roles like earning, spending, saving and donating their own money. The child city has its own currency and banks, which ensure complete financial control to every kid citizen.

3. Work-Life of Adults

Children are naturally too curious about the work-life of their parents and other loved ones. Their vast imagination often turns simple situations into something marvelous. The experiential learning area based on the work-life of adults helps the children explore a variety of professions and roles, in addition to helping them explore their interests and liking.

4. Model Citizenship

Kidzania has taken charge of the experiential learning of the children, and model citizenship is one of the most important concepts. It starts from the basics like following the Kidzania laws and rules to important matters like saving the environment, contributing to the development and progress of the city and voicing the community concerns.

5. Governance and Public Policy

Governance and public policy are concepts too complicated for the understanding of young kids. However, if they take on the roles of government and policymakers, it is no longer too complex. Kidzania helps the children take on the roles, understand their responsibilities and take control of a whole city only to govern it under the best principles, laws and policies.

6. Empathy

Empathy is one of the most important life skills every child should possess to live a better life. Narrating the concept to your child might not help them much in understanding it. However, a Kidzania tour will help them put on the shoes of the adults and manage each and every aspect of their life on their own.

It includes simple tasks like doing grocery, managing their finances to complex tasks like earning their money by taking on the profession of their liking, which will help them understand empathy from a practical perspective.

7. Social Responsibility

Lastly, social responsibility is one of the most crucial aspects of life and society, which cannot be learned only by expiring books or attending lectures. Diving into practical life conditions is necessary to really understand and implement the concept. Kidzania provides the perfect venture and situation that make the young kids take social responsibility. You can also buy tickets for your children and make them learn to be socially responsible.

Let your children learn by exploring!

Narrating bedtime stories or commanding them, again and again, will not help children understand society and its functioning in this modern era. You need to let them explore on their own to learn better and implement it. Kidzania is the perfect option for such learning. So, do not hold them back but buy the tickets so they can earn citizenship and explore the world of adults.


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