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Extended Producer Responsibility for Waste: Recycling & Recovery

The first thing you can determine is whether EPR is appropriate for your business. EPR applies to you whether you are a producer, importer, or brand owner who uses plastic to produce to consumers. Thomas Lindhqvist was the first to introduce the idea of extended producer responsibility in 1990. EPR is a term that has described as

“An environment protection strategy to achieve an environmental goal of a reduced overall environmental impact of a product by making the product’s producer responsible for the product’s entire life-cycle, especially for take-back, recycling, and final disposal.”

(Source: “Towards an Extended Producer Responsibility — Review of Experiences and Proposals,” published by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources on April 30, 1992 in Swedish)

Recycling and Recovery Are Favored Over Traditional Landfilling Techniques.

Previously, waste management was mostly concerned with dumping waste in landfills. The waste management system now allows for the dismantling and sorting of products in order to recycle or reuse them, reducing the environmental effect of use, thanks to technological advancements and legal requirements.

Some items of (dismantled) waste have gained in value as systems and equipment have become more elaborate (including high value products in very limited quantities). As a result, waste management has progressed: landfilling practices have decreased as dismantling, sorting, and recycling capacities have increased

Treatment facilities have had to adjust to the wide range of waste generated by the end of product life, while their technologies “naturally” extract and recover the most valuable materials. Furthermore, treatment facilities must deal with the difficulty of extracting high-value materials in very limited amounts per object (1 gram of indium in a flat screen TV for example).

Our industrial societies very concern about hazardous materials (lead, brominated flame retardants, arsenic, PCBs, and so on), sensitive materials (cobalt, gallium, indium, and so on), and materials at risk (due to monopolies).

To put it another way, law should be mandating the recycling and recovery of particular products (rare earth, copper, aluminum, cobalt, indium, etc.) while also mandating the disposal of specific toxic substances and materials (mercury, brominated flame retardants, lead, etc.).

What Are the Benefits of Implementing an EPR System?

The benefits analysis largely depends on the supply chain.

  • Producer: opportunity to diversify take-back/recycling services, reverse logistics, improve green image, level playing field between producers and rivals, change business models (ownership vs use), and so on.
  • Consumer or business user: compliant and equitable waste treatment; recycling has also been funded, allowing for waste take-back or drop-off options.
  • Authorities: A solution that delegated a public-sector function to private companies while maintaining dependable and cutting-edge waste management. Financing, take-back, and recycling are all handled to improve and track care and recycling at the manufacturer or consumer’s expense (as opposed to the taxpayer).

The EPR strategy, 

In India under epr compliance, the State Governments are responsible for monitoring the makers, producers, and recyclers to ensure that they comply with the requirements and that they meet the e-waste collection goals set out in the E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2018. It also holds users of electronic devices responsible for protecting the environment from the damage caused by the devices as they reach the end of their useful lives under the take-back scheme. As a result, it upholds the legal requirement to protect the environment.


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