Five methods to zest your Video Marketing

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Five methods to zest your Video Marketing

For a couple of years, videos have been(Buy Facebook followers) dominating the online marketing world, and it’s going to stop anytime soon.

According to Forbes, it is anticipated that video content will account for over 80% of the internet’s traffic in just this year.

The responsibility lies with content marketers to ensure that they’re aware of the latest videos marketing trends to remain relevant in this fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

Over the past few months, we’ve explored ways to utilize video to spark advertising campaigns. If you’ve explored various types of video to boost your business’s brand and reputation.

Ultimately, now is the time to come up with additional unique features for your video to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors. Be aware that it’s no longer sufficient to use video to promote your service or product.

What are you doing to set your business apart from others in the market? It’s increasingly crucial to utilize video properly to communicate with the right audience.

Here are five ideas to enhance your video marketing year-round:


Utilize Structured Data to Livestream Content

Google recently announced a brand new method for internet users and businesses to mark up their live streams by indexing APIs and structured information.

These new tools can help increase the number of people who see the Livestream videos you have uploaded through Search and Assistant. The most notable feature of this tool is that it lets your videos be displayed in Google Search with a red “live” badge.




Livestreams with structured data could be used for awards shows, sporting events, streaming video games, etc.


Include Closed Captions on Videos to increase SEO

As platforms on the internet become filled with video content, you must be alert and ensure that you distinguish yourself from the pack.

This is why you should take the time to study the way your audience will absorb the content. Understanding how viewers view content is crucial in this day and age when most videos are seen without audio.




Incorporating closed captions into your videos will help improve the experience for viewers. This feature can make your videos more accessible to your viewers.

Tsur Ben David Founder and acting CEO CET Enviro was founded by Tsur Ben David, a former Air Force pilot and serial entrepreneur in the field of cleantech. With over 27 years of management experience in the energy and water industries, and leading development and global projects in cleantech, technology and product companies, Tsur Ben David is instrumental in bringing goal-oriented and pragmatic approach, and an uncompromising urge to deliver quality results.

  In the current busy world, closed captions are also a boon to those constantly in motion.

Also, did you consider that the addition of closed captions to your videos also aids in enhancing SEO? Captioning can assist search engines in discovering your videos.

As it provides more metadata for the text that allows your videos to be more prominent in search results. If you’re looking for ways to improve your SEO efforts using captioning, this is the best way to take it.


Integrate Website annotations into drive Traffic

Intelligent marketers are shifting away from a prominent call to action within their videos marketing plans.

YouTube’s annotations are an innovative attribute that advertisers can incorporate into their videos without disrupting the user experience.

When you add annotations to your videos, you can overlay links and text to drive more visitors to your site.



Create Custom Thumbnails that Attract Viewers

Making custom thumbnails for your videos helps viewers decide if they’d like to watch them. They act as an advertising billboard.

So thumbnails properly designed will attract viewers to click the play button and enjoy your video. It is essential to create high-resolution thumbnails, include a compelling title or headline.

Ensure that they accurately represent the information you provide. Titles and thumbnails in the video are a great way to increase the amount of traffic you get.

However, one thing to remember is how to steer clear of false title titles and clickbait. Be mindful and ensure your thumbnails reflect the content, and you’ll be on the way to ramping up your marketing video game.


Create End Screens to Feature Additional Video Content

If you’re uploading videos to YouTube in the course on your strategy for marketing via video, designing end cards can help you promote videos and playlists and increase visitors to your site.

This feature is only available within the last 5 to 20 seconds of the video. End screens can increase the likelihood of viewers watching more of your videos as you can use the screen at the end to link to related content.




This feature is also highly adaptable, which means you can carefully choose which elements you’d like to include. I suggest selecting elements that relate to the content and having various calls to action for each one.

It is also possible to the time when you’d like certain elements to be displayed on the final screen card. Test the timing of all the elements you wish to include and see which one performs the best.