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Hair Transplant Is Becoming More Common Than You Think- Here’s Why?

Hair transplant or hair transplantation, also known as hair restoration, is among those cosmetic procedures that have gained incredible popularity in the last few years. Hair loss is a universal problem among men and women. Statistics show that approximately 60% of men and 50% of women in the world experience some kind of hair loss.

Where men face balding and extreme hair loss, women are also affected by hair thinning problems. This is the reason that an increasing number of individuals are turning towards hair transplant techniques in Dubai to restore their hair growth.

Why Hair Transplant?

Imagine getting bald at the age of 25? How devastating and stressful it would be to lose hair at such a young age? Similarly, among women, hair is an integral part of beauty. No woman would want to lose hair no matter what she is going through. In such circumstances, men and women facing severe hair loss find refuge in hair transplant treatment. Nowadays, it has become so common, even people associated with showbiz are opting for the procedure to get more work in the industry. After all, the media industry is all about looks and appearance.

Hair transplant procedures add more hair to the area that is losing hair. The treatment is conducted by taking hair from other parts of the scalp or body where thicker hair is grown. This hair is then grafted on the targeted area.

Hair Transplantation Now and Then

Over time, the hair transplant procedure has gained much popularity because it has become less invasive. Moreover, it yields better results than any topical treatment. Previously, there was only one technique used for hair transplantation, i.e. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which involves cutting and stitching of the scalp. However, nowadays less invasive and more effective methods have been introduced for hair restoration. These methods include FUE hair transplant, stem cell hair transplant, and PRP hair loss. That is why more people are opting for hair transplantation these days.

Hair Transplant Procedures

In this section, we will discuss all the techniques (old and new) of the treatment, which will clearly explain why this procedure is becoming more common.

  • FUT Hair Transplantation

FUT hair transplantation, also known as Strip Method has been used to transplant hair for quite a long time. In this method, the doctor first identifies the area from where the hair strip would be taken, most probably from the back of your head. This removed hair strip is then inserted in the targeted area where hair growth is required. It can result in a very prominent linear scare because a lot of stitching is required. Also, for men, it becomes quite difficult to cover up this scar.

  • FUE Hair Transplant

It’s one of the modern techniques that does not require a lot of excitement and stitching. It simply uses a pneumatic punch for the extraction of grafts. The punch tool used in this procedure has a diameter of less than 1 mm which allows creating a hairline that looks more natural. The extracted grafts can then be reinserted in the targeted area with minor pinprick sensations. This technology has proved to be very useful for patients who do not want to go under the knife for hair restoration. One such method that utilizes FUE technology is known as the NeoGraft method.

  • Stem Cell Hair Transplant

This technique works on the same principle as FUE hair transplantation. The only difference is that it uses an automated punch for graft harvesting, which makes the graft extraction process speedy. Moreover, in stem cell technique only a part of the hair follicle is removed and not the entire hair follicle. As a result, this technique allows hair regeneration at the donor area as well which is quite an amazing feature of the procedure.

  • PRP Hair Loss

PRP hair loss is entirely a non-surgical procedure suitable for people who are facing severe hair thinning problems. PRP hair loss in Dubai is the most preferable treatment for women because patterned hair loss and hair thinning are common among them. This technique involves stopping and reversing the androgenic miniaturization of follicles.

What About The Results?

The main concern of every patient regarding any treatment is the results it is going to produce. The reason hair transplantation is becoming popular is that it produces fantastic results. It enables you to get natural-looking hair without the fear of losing them again. The main reason is that the hair grafts are donated by the baldness-resistant areas, so the hair grown will not fall off. Another noticeable feature is that within 3-4 months, the hair will start growing, and in 8-12 months will reach the full length. They are real hair that can be styled, cut, or trimmed whenever you want. However, you must choose the best hair transplant surgeon in Dubai for this purpose.


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