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Hiring Bins Help for Effective Waste Management

Bin hire is fundamentally hiring a container which is ideally used for collection of waste or for waste management. It is a metallic dumpster which is mainly found in renovation and construction sites.

We will also discuss how skip bins are an effective way of waste management and the advantages of hiring them. It will also help to know which type of bin is required for disposal of the item we are trying to get rid of.

The Different Types of Skip Bins Are as Follows:

  • Marrel Skip Bin: It is a waste container that is made up of heavy steel. This type of bin is mainly used at construction sites. It is offloaded from the truck using hydraulic arms. Now, it is available in different sizes or cubic capacities. Its capacity ranges from 3m3 to 17 m3.
  • Hook lift Skip Bin: The most appropriate bin for building sites as waste or other materials which are heavier can be transported from one station to the other easily. Unlike the Marrel bins, Hook lift bins only require hydraulic boom to lift up one side of the bin whereas the other side slides through the ground with the help of steel rollers. Its capacity ranges from 4m3 to 30m3.
  • Mobile Skip Bin: As the name suggests mobile skip bins can be moved from one place to the other easily. It is basically made up of plastic and can be parked anywhere in parking lots, garages, driveways. This is the most effective way of waste collection. It comes with a lid which also helps to keep the waste intact and prevents odour. Also, it is available only in two sizes 3m3– 4m3 for safe transportation.
  • Skip Bags: Skip Bags are the most cost-effective method of waste management. These are primarily huge bags that are used to store domestic waste and are mostly used in gardens, driveways and roads for waste collection. It can be also used for household or kitchen waste.

Advantages of Bin Hire:

  • Reduction of carbon footprint: We are well aware that the environment is suffering and hence, it is important that we try to curb the harm that we are causing to the environment. Bin Hire is an effective way for disposal of waste ensuring proper recycling. It is also important as it prevents from illegal dumping of waste materials and makes workers more aware of the effects of environment. This way carbon footprint can be reduced.
  • Ensures safety at work: Proper assembling of garbage also helps to increase productivity of workers as the waste does not get scattered all over the place. Bin hire is an efficient way to ensure safety of workers at workplace as waste is gathered in one place and this helps prevent accidents.
  • Space to Operate: As the debris gets collected with the help of skip bins it gives move place for people to work. A proper size of bin hire helps as a safety measure and also encourages clean and fruitful business.
  • Convenience: It is really convenient to hire a bin as it can be delivered to any workplace and once the waste gets accumulated we can simply get it picked up when our job is done. Thus it also helps to save transportation cost for disposal of waste at the disposal site.

There are downright four different types of skip bin which are available in different sizes based on the waste which is required to be dumped. The advantages of bin hire is now known and how it can help to eradicate waste in the most effective way.

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