How Can a VoIP Phone System Enhance the Workflow of Your New York Hospital?


The use of technology in this era is very important. It does not matter from which industry your business belongs, without using technology, it can not succeed. And, imagining the healthcare industry without the benefits of advancements in the IT field is like sleeping while standing. Today, many treatments have become only possible because of the use of technology. Moreover, technology has also taught practitioners which treatment is better and which is not. Communication is also very essential in the medical industry. And, when it comes to technology, you can not neglect the VoIP phone system.

Thanks to the advancement in technology that hospitals and clinics can also improve their communication now. Handling patients on calls is not an easy task. Plus, if you are doing this daunting task with a traditional phone, things become more difficult. The medical industry has used the traditional way of communication for a long time. But not anymore because the business VoIP solution can add more convenience by eliminating the distortion in the voice that your staff has to face with traditional phones.

Moreover, the best thing about using a VoIP phone is that you do not have to wait long for a call to end. It allows you to call more than one patient at the same time. When your staff is handling multiple patients at the same time, your workflow improves. And, when the workflow improves, your productivity boosts as well. Furthermore, this improvement in communication allows you and your hospital staff to provide better care to patients that are available in the hospital.

VoIP Phone System Improves Patient Care

You might be familiar that advancements in any IT equipment can turn out to be very useful. A better version always enhances the operations. The same is the case with telephone technology. When you use a traditional phone, the workflow remains slow and sometimes you can not achieve your daily target as well. There can be any reason behind this. It can be a cable line issue, distortion in voice, and a long ongoing call as well.

However, the scenario is completely different when using a VoIP phone system for routine calling. Although it allows you to assist your patients in a much better way. Your VoIP phone operates with an internet connection. This eliminates the need for a cable wire and the maintenance charges that come with it as well. Moreover, it provides a better voice quality which helps in understanding the queries of patients and answering them without any distortion.

Switching your office phone with a VoIP phone helps in enhancing communication in your hospital. Furthermore, it also serves the patients well. Let’s just see how you can enhance the workflow of your hospital when your staff calls through a VoIP phone:


Hospital is a busy place. This is why attending all the calls is not possible for your staff. But missing them completely is also not a good practice. It is completely justified if sometimes your staff has missed a call or multiple calls. But there should be a way to properly address those callers without disturbing other necessary tasks. The auto-attendant feature of a VoIP phone allows your staff not to attend to the calls without missing the caller/patient completely.

Call Routing

Traditional phones do not have features that can help in performing your daily tasks. You always need someone sitting by the phone desk so that no call goes unanswered. However, using a VoIP as your office phone helps in providing better care to patients. The call routing feature of a VoIP phone is very helpful as it provides a call routing menu to your patients. They can easily choose the department where they want to connect and ask their queries.

Billing System

You will not find this incredible feature in a traditional phone system. The integrated billing system of a business VoIP solution has made it very easy for hospitals to provide the billing notice at a glimpse. There is no need to maintain the bill manually as you can do it with a click. Once the patient gets discharged, you can print every detail and attach it to the patient file. This not only adds ease to your daily tasks but enhances patient experiences. Patients get satisfied by seeing all the details and they pay the bill happily.