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How can I get the Bajaj Finserv Credit Card in easy steps

Getting a Bajaj Finserv credit card is a quick and hassle-free process. You can apply online by submitting your documents online, and you can get your card in just a few working days. In case you happen to already have any other Bajaj Finserv card, you might not even need to submit your documents again. If you have been Googling “how can I get the credit card”, you have finally arrived at the answer. Let us look at three simple steps to get your very own Bajaj Finserv Credit Card. 

Step 1

Choose the right card for your needs

Do you need a low salary card? Or do you need a corporate credit card? Or an international credit card? Are you okay with paying Rs. 2000 per year, or are you happy to pay Rs. 5,000 for the right mix of benefits, ones that outweigh what you paid in the first place? Peruse the following details linked to various cards.

  1. Credit limit 
  2. Benefits and features 
  3. Eligibility criteria 
  4. Rewards 
  5. Charges

Does the card in question meet your demands and requirements in all five extremely crucial areas? Also, remember to get the name of your card right because most banks offer a ton of different cards, and some banks might even have different variations in each card. This is aimed at allowing customization and convenience to potential members. For example, the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard comes in 10 variations! While this means that there is something for everyone, be sure to get the card name right so that you apply for the very card that matches your set of needs. 

Step 2

Apply online (or physically if you prefer)

You can apply for credit cards at ATMs, at the bank, or NBFC’s nearest location, or online. Of course, most potential members choose online, but the choice is yours to make.  If you are unsure about your eligibility, particularly if you are looking for a low salary credit card, then go through the pre-approval process to safeguard against a formal rejection that will reflect badly on your credit score later. Either way, you need to be clocking at least Rs. 25,000 per month to be eligible, even for a low salary credit card.

At this stage, you will need to submit scanned copies of a slim selection of documents as proof of your identity and your address, your age, and your credit behavior. Banks widely accept high-resolution mobile camera scanned documents. Should you already have another card with the bank or NBFC in question, it is likely that they will waive this part of the process. Some of the documents you might be asked for include: 

  • Form 16, ITR or salary slips to prove your income claims
  • Passport for age, address, and identity proof 

Some might not have passports, or might still be in the process of renewing one’s passport. In such cases, there are alternatives such as a voter ID and utility bills for address proof and a birth certificate for age-proof. 

Step 3


Once you have completed your application process, you will receive communication on whether your application has been approved. Once approved, keep an eye on the date that the credit card is slated to arrive, and do keep some proof of ID handy as you will need to display the same to the delivery agent. As a security measure, your PIN will not come to you along with the card. It will be delivered separately. Alternatively, you can request a PIN to be sent to your mobile number. 

You can activate your credit card by visiting an ATM closest to you. 

And there you have it. You have unlocked a world of credit and access to lifestyle choices that you may not have enjoyed previously.


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