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How custom Kraft boxes got my business more appreciation

This week, we ordered our third batch of custom kraft boxes for our small café that we are running together. My father-in-law owned this business. It did not involve my husband in it as he was working for a renowned software company. When I got married, I started assisting my father-in-law with his business. On his demise, he left this business to me. At first, I feared running it alone. But I had worked with him for a decade. Deep down in my heart, I knew I will operate it smoothly. Since the downsizing of Henry’s company, he has joined me in this venture. Every fifteen-day we brainstorm about tactics that can help us reduce costs and improve our sales. Some of our customers had been leaving suggestions about switching to green packaging. Because of this reason, we opted for custom Kraft boxes.

Our café is popular in our small-town community. Every evening the youngsters and seniors visit the café for fast food and coffee, respectively. We also have a room for business meetings on the first floor with multimedia. Recently we have added stone oven-baked pizza to our menu. Henry’s cousin has moved from Italy to this town. He specializes in making stone oven pizzas. So we hired him. But we have to be honest here. We don’t offer home delivery of this pizza in our printed Kraft boxes. Customers have to eat it fresh as home delivery spoils the taste of the pizza. It was the only condition that Henry’s cousin had for joining us. Although we don’t deliver oven stone-oven pizzas in the printed Kraft boxes; we advertise about them through these boxes. We agreed to it because we know that stone-oven baked it must enjoy pizzas fresh with a drizzle of one’s preferred oil.

Why our customer demanded Kraft packaging

The mayor of our town has been encouraging people to transform it into a zero-waste area. He had been campaigning about the issues related to pollution and littering for the last five years. His efforts are appreciated, and more people from our town are trying to recycle. As a result, our customers had been hinting at us to switch to greener packaging solutions. They left notes and comments in suggestion boxes. One day Henry searched green options in fast-food custom boxes. It is then that we learned about the benefits of Kraft packaging boxes. I crafted the boxes from recycled material. Kraft-based material does not spoil food. Business entities can order boxes crafted from this material in versatile shapes and sizes. 

So we decided get Kraft packaging boxes for our different food items ranging from;

  1. Burgers
  2. Fries
  3. Cookies
  4. Sandwiches
  5. Oven pizzas

and other related items. The front of the printed Kraft boxes included branding elements like logo, slogan, etc. The sides and bottom of these boxes included; contact information, home delivery numbers, and information about other deals. It helped boost our sales and only in about two weeks our orders almost doubled.

How to order custom Kraft boxes

Kraft boxes in USA for business entities are easy to order. Business entities only have to search seasonal print and packaging companies and fill out their online forms to get what they want. However, the selection of these companies is a challenging task. It is important to select experienced companies like ClipnBox for custom Kraft boxes. The creative and technical teams of this company are reliable and keep churning interesting and fun options. These custom boxes are offered at reasonable rates. To learn about further reductions and discounts, get in touch with them now!


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