How Do You Pass The MS-500 Exam In 2023?


Microsoft technologies and products, such like Windows 10, Messaging Platform, Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure AD, and many more, are employed across the globe by a variety of businesses. With the increase in security risks posed by cyber attacks, companies which use these services are in need of protecting their data more effectively. Naturally, a majority of businesses are looking in search of MS-500 security administrators who are equipped to guard their information.

In the year 2018 Microsoft released its new certifications based on roles. The Microsoft Security Administrator Associate Certification for 365 is part of this model based on role. This was designed to assist you to keep your career in line with the changing business demands worldwide. No matter if you’re a IT professional or just wanting to get a head start on security management, this internationally known MS-500┬áSecurity Administrator Associate course could be the perfect step in the right direction to managing and directing the Microsoft 365 infrastructure.

This article provides a quick guide that contains all relevant details regarding Microsoft’s Microsoft 365 Security Administration Exam for certification. Be sure to read it thoroughly before taking the MS-500 test.

What are the duties of an Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate supposed to do?
Security administrators are at the top of the cybersecurity team. Security administrators are usually responsible for implementing, governing, and troubleshooting security systems. They also have to draft security guidelines and training materials on security practices for their colleagues and departments.

As an Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate, your job will require you to

  • Securing MS 365 enterprise and hybrid environments
  • Implement and manage security and compliance solutions.
  • Respond to threats
  • Enforce data governance

How can a Microsoft365 Security Administrator certification be a great career move for you?

This Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate certificate is to help you to make a name for yourself, especially on Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 domain because it is a proof of your knowledge base and demonstrated skills in the field that is Microsoft 365 Security Administration. Alongside the verification of your knowledge Here are some reasons why this certification could help you in your career path:

Better job opportunities

Successfully passing this MS 500 exam for this certification means you are a certified professional who is proficient in managing roles and users as well as threat management, data protection, and other compliance features. This is a guaranteed method to increase your odds of getting better job prospects.

Better Packages

A certification of associate level, such as this one can increase your worth as IT professionals and puts you into a position of bargaining for a better salary over the market average.

The door is opened to additional certifications

It is the Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate certification takes you one move closer to becoming an official Microsoft 365 Enterprise Expert. This is the highest level of certification within the Microsoft 365 domain and has the potential to change your career trajectory for the future.

What is the median salary range for MS 500 certified professionals?

With reliable sources like We have compiled the median salary potential that this certification can open up for you. The annual pay to MS 500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration specialists is between $65-70k. The salary of a junior administrator is around $50k per year. It is possible to earn all the remunerations listed above and more if your access is to the right training for examinations and get the certificate.

What are the requirements to be able to get this certification?

The only prerequisite to this certification is that you pass the Microsoft 365 Security Administration exam. The test and certification aim to demonstrate that you in your capacity as an Associate Security Administrator are aware of and comprehend all the tools and features offered by Microsoft that are used by the subscribing customers. Microsoft Associate Certifications are typically made for those with two years of practical experience however, having an understanding of the technology but no any practical experience is also sufficient.

In addition to a thorough comprehension and understanding of networks, computers, along with security system, strong communication and interpersonal abilities are essential to the job of a security manager. It’s not a surprise that analytical abilities as well as critical thinking skills and a logical approach to problem solving are what you’ll be requiring the most on the test.

It’s also beneficial to pass an exam called the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certification exam prior to taking certification for the Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate certification, however it is not a requirement for MS-500.

What will Microsoft 365 Security Administration cost you?

The costs of the exam depend on the nation or location in which it’s administered. For example, the cost for the exam will be $165 in the US. Microsoft’s certifications based on role are only valid for one year however, they can be renewed online for a nominal fee. There are however additional costs to be considered in the event that you opt to receive instruction for MD101 certification exam. The price of physical or private classroom training could be much more expensive.

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Where do I start with my MS-500 preparation?

The exam is retakeable multiple times but every time you attempt the test you will have to pay the entire cost for the exam. This is why it is advised to enroll in a reputable course of study to gain access to a suitable program, hands-on labs and real-world case studies and simulation