How do you use a wireless tattoo machine?

Wireless Tattoo Machine

Like the name suggests”wireless”, the term “wireless” refers to a machine that is able to run without the use of a power cord and is powered by an rechargeable battery.

The same as a tattoo machine works on the same concept, being powered by rechargeable batteries. There are a few possibilities regarding managing the voltage system for example:

  1. Using an electric battery pack that permits you to alter the voltage right from the box, or
  2. By using the foot-switch which will be electronically connected with the battery pack, and then changing the force.

One of the two (2) options gives you the freedom of having no cords but, there are certain advantages and disadvantages with each option. We will go over it in the following sections.

If you’re an experienced or novice just beginning to master the basics of tattoo machines that wirelessly transmit the latest technology could be something to consider. But, there are few points that I suggest you take into consideration before purchasing.


The first thing to consider is the battery. This is the life of the battery as well as the time it takes to work while in operation, and also the time to charge. Based on the three points stated earlier I’d say the most important one is battery’s timing (work for hours and never stop the rhythm, don’t even think about charging battery).

Be on the lookout for changes in the power of tattoos this will tell you that your battery is in need of recharge. If you experience this way, you replace the battery with a an uncharged battery.

Machine Weight

A Best Wireless Tattoo Machine provides an increased capability and long-lasting use as there’s no requirement for an oversized cord. The addition of a rechargeable battery for the power source, it will raise the overall weight of the device.

If the machine that recharges begins to feel heavy and is difficult to use it’s not worth buying it for those who love light tattoo machines.

Always review the weight together with the battery as well as all accessories attached.

Needle Compatibility

Needles are sold as a separate item, and the majority of tattoo machines are wireless and have specific dimensions for needle projection. This means that they are incompatible with other kinds of needles.

The same is true for tattoo machines that are cordless. As have been tested with the Scorpion Tattoo Machine range, which utilizes magnetic technology to control and adjust the needles.

If you’ve purchased an item that doesn’t require a cord I’d recommend that to include the needles that are compatible with the machine you purchased.


Similar to needles, specific devices are only compatible with a wireless function. As an example, I tried one of my friends’ coil tattoo machines and was irritated over its poor voltage response. Perhaps, a 10 coil tattoo machine was too excessive in the case of the battery that we connected.

Presently, manufacturers of wireless tattoo machines on the market are focusing on making their models more flexible to make them compatible with the rotary tattoo machines.

Finally, if you’re interested in testing your current device, make sure that it is connected to an RCA connection.

Mobile Tattoo Power source

As previously mentioned Wireless tattoo guns are in the process of changing; various models differ in the way they are connected to a power source. Because wireless models are rechargeable batteries The wireless tattoo machine gun pen is more flexible and simple to use.

Explore in depth what your device is connected. To adapters and how simple it is to plug-in and operate it using batteries.

The standard models that are available on the market are those that allow you to change the battery. It’s handy, but some of the lesser-known things I discovered are the possibility of comparability as well as the weight.

Wireless tattoo machines will know which battery pack will be working while the controller will display real-time data during operation.

Wireless Kit

The majority of tattoo machines that are cordless are sold as the complete kit. It includes a pedal for the foot battery, power supply and charging lines, as well as tattoo guns, adapters and needles that are compatible.