How Roxtec Cable Entry Systems Are Changing Your Industry


It’s no secret that Roxtec cable entry systems are shaking up every industry from oil and gas to food production. These are more than just cable glands, they are a new, modular approach to how we handle our basic infrastructure needs.

Let’s take a look at how Roxtec cable glands are making an impact in your industry.

Cable Entry Systems as Essential Infrastructure

Roxtec cable entry systems find themselves in everything from commercial and residential buildings all the way to civil engineering and water management. These cable entry systems allow you to have total control over your cable management.

With these modular cable glands, you have the freedom to make last-minute changes to your cabling as well as rest assured that you’ve got a waterproof design that can operate seamlessly as part of your infrastructure project.

Roxtec Cable Glands Are Used in Manufacturing

Industrial and Manufacturing businesses have always had some of the most challenging needs out there when it comes to cable and pipe seals. Not only are cable and pipe standards for these industries always changing, you need to be able to service and maintain your cables while minimizing downtime.

The cable management systems produced by companies like Roxtec allow you to do two important things. The first is to route cables and piping of different sizes through the same port while still being able to make changes as needed. You can also service sections of cable without having to shut down the entire cable gland.

Energy Production and Cable Entry Systems

Energy production has some of the most stringent safety demands out of any industry. The cable entry systems produced by Roxtec have found themselves all over the world and in every arena from gas and oil all the way over to solar energy.

Maintaining cable penetrations has always been a challenge. However, the modular design of these cable entry systems reduce work on cable penetrations significantly for crews using Roxtec’s modular designs.

Mining and Offshore Durability

There are few Industries as rugged as mining, offshore drilling, and the lumber industry. The cable management systems produced by Roxtec appear in each of these industries because they are durable, and they can stand up to the job.

These cable seals can withstand the elements as well as the demanding conditions that these industries place on their equipment.

Cable Entry Systems Fit for Marine Use

Shipbuilders and other maritime industries trust Roxtec cable glands for their reliability and efficiency. You can trust these cable entry systems will remain watertight and can even be serviced and changed without compromising their integrity.

Cable glands like those produced by Roxtec can be used on metal and plastic piping, electrical cabling, and communications infrastructure in maritime applications.

Where Are Roxtec Cable Glands in Your Business?

We’ve covered a few of the main industries that are updating their infrastructure with Roxtec cable glands. Your industry also stands to benefit from modular, water-tight, and highly serviceable cabling solutions.