How to Apply Indian Visa For German and Chinese Citizens

Indian Visa

The Indian Visa from China is available within 3-4 business days. Rush processing is available in some cases, but it is recommended to apply at least 4 days before you plan to travel to India. The Indian Visa can be downloaded onto your mobile phone or printed out on paper and taken with you to the airport. There is no need to visit an embassy.

Journalist visa is valid for up to six months

You can apply for a Journalist Visa in India for up to six months if you’re a professional journalist, film-person, or representative of a radio or television organization. In order to apply, you must have a valid passport that is six months old, along with copies of your identity and residential address proof. You also must provide information about your job title, responsibilities, and the nature of your work. If you’re applying on behalf of a media organization, be sure to send the corresponding letter from the organization.

Upon arrival in India, a journalist visa may be extended for a further six months if the media organization is established. If you plan to stay for more than six months, you can apply for another extension at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office in the city where you’ll be based. If you’re a citizen of the Maldives, you will not need a visa to work in India if your stay is less than 90 days.

A Journalist visa is an important tool for anyone interested in exploring India. This visa allows journalists to write about their experiences as part of their work. It allows them access to a certain area, a particular person, or a specific event. When applying for a Journalist visa, you must include your occupation on the application form. Getting a Journalist Visa is not easy, so take care to plan your trip accordingly.

Multiple-entry tourist visa is granted to those intending to pursue internship in India

A Multiple-entry tourist visa is granted to individuals who plan to study or pursue an internship in India. This type of visa is meant for those who are visiting India for a short period of time. This type of visa is not valid for employment or business meetings. Those who are intending to do short-term voluntary work or participate in a yoga course can apply for this type of visa.

An S-1X tourist visa is also granted to those who want to pursue an internship in India. This type of visa is valid for up to a year. The student can apply for this visa before or after graduation, as long as the gap between graduation and internship is less than two years.

The applicant must complete and submit a signed copy of the online application form. They must also provide the requisite documents including a recent passport-size color photograph with a white background. They should also submit the required visa fee in cash. In addition to the completed application form, applicants must submit an original copy of their passport and a copy of their IC.

For those intending to shoot a feature film, reality TV show, or web show in India, a “F” visa can be applied for. However, these visas must be approved by the Consulate of India before they can be issued. In addition, they may take longer to process, especially if the project involves documentary filming. The processing time can be up to 8 weeks.

Re-entry permit required for re-entry into India

INDIAN VISA FOR GERMAN CITIZENS and INDIAN VISA FOR CHINESE CITIZENS need to apply for a re-entry permit in advance if they wish to enter India multiple times. For this, they must submit the itinerary and confirmed air tickets. The duration of stay is limited to 180 days per visit.