How to Calculate Interest on Your Next Two-Wheeler Loan?

How to Calculate Interest on Your Next Two-Wheeler Loan
How to Calculate Interest on Your Next Two-Wheeler Loan

Transportation is more of a necessity now to help you reach from one location to another. امم اوروبا 2023 A two-wheeler works as an affordable conveyance that makes traveling efficient and convenient. The two-wheelers are a part of almost every household in India because of the low maintenance needs. They work as the best option to navigate jam-packed traffic, especially in metro cities. Personal loans are an effective way to finance your two-wheeler. EarlySalary is your one-stop solution through which you can avail of the personal loan and repay it over a specific time.

You can use the loan EMI calculator for a two-wheeler to determine the number of monthly installments on the bike that must be paid for a given tenure. Moreover, the EMI calculator will help you customize the EMI by adjusting the time, principal amount, and interest rate. It helps plan a desirable monthly EMI to clear your bike loans without any issue. 

How can you use a Two-wheeler Loan Calculator?

You should use the calculator to calculate the interest payable on the principal amount and the final EMI amount. It needs three inputs from your side- the principal amount, interest rate, and time. 

  • Principal amount: The principal amount is the total amount that the lender sanctions. It should be cleared with the interest amount charged over it for a given time.
  • Interest rate: The interest rate is the rate charged against the loan amount for a given time. Interest rates are of two types: fixed or floating. بطولة اليورو 2024
  • Tenure: Tenure is the total time the borrower has taken the loan. The amount is repaid in Easy Monthly Installments for a specific time. The borrower should pay the total amount in the specified tenure.

Steps to calculate the interest and EMI of a two-wheeler loan

First step: You should decide the principal amount by shifting the slider against the required value. You can get around 100% of your two-wheeler’s on-road value as a loan.

Second step: After selecting the principal amount, you should choose the tenure for which the loan is taken. Enter the number of months. Move the slider right or left to agree to the number of months the EMI payments will be made.

Third step: Enter the interest rate for bike loans. The interest rates are as low as INR 9 per day at Early Salary. Shift the slider to instantly calculate the total and the EMI, total amount, and loan amount.

Factors that impact the eligibility of two-wheeler loans

The lending company is very cautious when sanctioning loans for any reason. They assess the repayment ability of the borrower before giving the loan. The borrower should analyze some aspects before applying for a loan, such as financial obligations and income.


The eligibility of loans for two-wheelers depends on income levels. As the personal loans are unsecured, the borrower has to display proper evidence of a stable source of income. It is essential as people with higher income can get a loan at lower interest rates. To get a two-wheeler loan, the candidate should

  • Earn INR 15000 in non-metro cities.
  • Earn INR 18000 in metro cities.

You should attach personal loan documents such as bank income statements, PAN cards, and salary slips to prove it.

Fiscal obligations

A primary reason for rejecting such a loan is any outstanding debt to your name. Thus, handling all your loan obligations is important for smooth loan disbursement. If you have financial commitments from before, your attention may be diverted. But with zero prior monetary obligations, the chances of repayment rise. It is a reliability factor for the company.

Reasons to use a two-wheeler loan calculator:

  • Convenient planning: Play your purchase without any issue with manual calculations. You no longer need a calculator or an excel sheet to do calculators. Just move the slider conveniently to reach a feasible loan structure.
  • Budgeted loan: The EMI calculator is the best way to plan your loan if you are under a strict budget. It will help you measure your affordability and pick an EMI within your budget.
  • Round-the-clock availability: The calculator is available on the lender’s website for your ease. Access it from anywhere and any gadget. You can immediately know the interest and EMI within seconds.


Early salary is a pioneer leading company in the country. The two-wheeler loans offered are designed to offer highly flexible repayment tenures and attractive interest rates to help borrowers get maximum benefits. For further details, contact us.

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