How to choose the best International School in Tokyo, Japan?

How to choose the best International School in Tokyo, Japan?

Japan has really changed because of the massive globalization of the education sector. There are undoubtedly some of the best schools in Tokyo. It’s good to see you have so many options, but an incomplete list can be just as confusing. Experts choose where they live based on the location of their child’s school. Getting into the best international schools in japan can be a long process. So this blog will help you make this important decision a little easier for your child.

We know that children are the leaders of tomorrow and the better their education, the better. As parents, our main task is to take care of our children’s needs and find a suitable school for them. This time of year is perfect for finding a school for your child for next year. Since there is no problem with meeting deadlines now, it’s best for your child to start planning things now.

What is an international school in Japan?

In general, international schools are schools that use English as the language of instruction. There are many schools in Japan. Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, has some of the best schools, infrastructure and other facilities.

Kindergarten and Elementary School in Tokyo

In Tokyo you will find two types of international schools. The first category of international schools includes those related to the home country. It is an ideal choice for students who stay in Tokyo for a period of time and then return to their home country. Other categories include schools that are more flexible and follow the Montessori education system.

These schools are more popular among Japanese people because the Montessori education system is experiential learning. The number of kindergartens in Tokyo is higher than in elementary and middle schools.

Curriculum for high school

There are several curricula in international schools. However, the most widely used curriculum is the International Bachelor’s Degree Program (IBDP). The curriculum is recognized worldwide. Students receive additional credit if their curriculum is an international undergraduate degree.

How to choose an international school in Tokyo Japan:

Prioritize – Make a list of the things you want to prioritize in order to choose a school for your child. Think about academic, sports, and extracurricular activities. In addition to these basic requirements, you can look for other factors such as after-school training programs, tuition fees, and transportation.

Location – You need to check the location of the school and make sure it is closer to your home. Do you have to consider aspects when you have to move house? Think about how your child will drive to work. You need to check if there is a bus connection to the school or if the transportation costs are still within limits. Consider the time you spend on transportation as it can interfere with other children’s activities such as homework, games, hobbies, etc. If the distance is too far, it can have a negative impact on your child as they will spend most of their time traveling. Therefore, you should choose a school that is close to where you live, so that your child has more time for activities.

Class Environment – Make sure the language is appropriate for your child’s growth. Make this decision based on whether your child will return to their home country or plan to move to another country. So if you plan to migrate to another country, you can choose a curriculum that will make it easier to get into universities in that country. Sometimes parents prefer that students learn a language other than English. Then parents can choose the appropriate school. Instead of spending a fortune on separate after-school language courses, you can choose a school that offers additional language learning.

Facilities – Make sure the school has facilities for your child. In addition to the classroom, explore activity areas, playgrounds, and other specific areas of the school. During this pandemic, when classes are usually held online, make sure the school has digital technology for online lectures.

Security – It is normal to be afraid of sending your child to school for the first time, but having a safe school will relieve your stress to some extent. You can ask school authorities about security cameras. In addition, health security is a major concern during these challenging Covid times, so you can also discuss the steps that schools are taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on campus.

Faculty and staff– The teachers should not only be well qualified but also have experience. You should also observe if the other staff members are friendly because if you are getting an admission of your child in a school, there would be a need for consistent interaction between you and the staff members. So, the better the staff, the smoother the process becomes.

The communication mode between parents and teachers– You have to be in touch with teachers to get feedback about your child’s performance, and clear communication between you and teachers will enable a full-fledged growth of your child. So check whether there is any portal for communication? Are teachers and other staff approachable? There are numerous schools that have a separate communication channel for parents and teachers.