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How to clean jewelry before storing it in custom printed jewelry boxes

One of the easiest ways to store the jewelry items is by storing them in their original custom printed jewelry boxes. Most times, these boxes are crafted from cardboard stocks. They have internal separators and fillers, which keep the jewelry items free from rust and other damaging factors. I find that cleaning my silver jewelry items before putting them in their jewelry boxes keeps them in mint condition for many years. To clean my silver jewelry, I use simple DIYs. The simplest way is to use a mixture of mild detergent and lukewarm water. If detergent is unavailable, then baby shampoo can be used as an alternative. Let bubbles form in this mixture. Immerse your jewelry in this mixture for up to ten minutes. Next, take a soft-bristled brush and gently rub off the buildup of grime and dirt from these items.

Once done, rinse the items with lukewarm water again. Invest in a good quality silver cloth. In case it is not available, a microfiber towel will do as well. Do not use paper towels or other related products that can create scratches on the silver jewelry item. Once the jewelry is completely dry, store it in jewelry boxes. If your jewelry has gems attached to silver, it is suggested to get a go-ahead from the jewelry before washing it with this detergent and water mixture. It is better to get jewelry items with valuable gems cleaned professionally. Once cleaned, put them back in their custom jewelry boxes along with a small piece of chalk. This chalk will keep absorbing any moisture from the air inside the box. It will keep the jewelry items looking brand new.

Advantages of luxury jewelry packaging boxes

Luxury jewelry packaging boxes add to the perceived value of the Luxury jewelry items in the customers’ eyes. This kind of packaging targets customers who want to enjoy premium jewelry products. Customers who buy items packaged in luxury boxes flaunt it as a status symbol. These boxes have many advantages. The sturdiest cardboard stocks make luxury boxes. 

They are used for storing and other purposes for many years. Every time the customers look at these boxes, they will be reminded of the brand. However, don’t expect to keep dirty jewelry inside these boxes and expect them to come out like new the next time you open the box to wear them. When keeping jewelry in the boxes, ensure that the items do not touch each other. The separators inside the luxury jewelry boxes prevent this from happening. When storing pearls, never keep them in plastic bags as it can cause discoloration and disintegration of pearls. 

If you have sterling silver jewelry, which requires cleaning, then make a paste using two parts baking soda and one part water. Using a soft-bristled brush rub, this paste on the jewelry items. Once all dirt is removed, rinse jewelry with warm water and pat it dry with a cloth.

Order perfect custom printed jewelry boxes for your brand

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